Tracking202 Inc, a PPC Affiliate Marketing Analytics company based in San Francisco, CA, developed the powerful framework that powers Clickbooth's XTracks. The Clickbooth technology team expressed gratitude for the back-end development of Tracking202. ?Prior to public beta-release testing, we spent many weeks integrating XTracks into Clickbooth's user-interface to maximize ease of use for our affiliate partners. We appreciate the back-end software development support from Tracking202, which powers our program.? explains Steven Bredenberg, a Clickbooth Sr. Developer.

XTracks is hosted by Clickbooth and is provided free for Clickbooth Affiliates, just simple login to get started. From there, you can begin tracking valuable marketing data immediately.

Tracking202 has been leading tracking in the affiliate industry & continues to strive this is a big jump for Clickbooth I really love that these company's teamed up & made this happen for all there affiliates.

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