Today, there are thousands of companies all selling training and certification services. What’s more, not all of them strictly fall into the eLearning industry category. Many are just regular firms that happen to have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject and want to share with others. 

Marketing eLearning training can be a challenge. Going from initial touchpoint to sale is often a long and arduous process taking many months. 

Many companies, therefore, are turning to the humble webinar to promote their training options. They’re finding that it is an effective way to promote their services. 

Businesses use webinars for a host of topics. One of the most popular is employee engagement: trying to get their workers more excited about what they’re doing, reducing passivity.  

A lot of webinars are on employee training: that is, how companies should train their people and the benefits of doing so. 

Some businesses also use their webinars as an opportunity to engage in a spot of microlearning, providing prospects with a sample of what their final services might be like. 

Webinars, however, are about more than just providing information – they’re also a pivotal opportunity to overcome customer sticking points and make a sale. The ROI statistics are impressive. Around 60 percent of marketers in the eLearning space use webinars as part of their marketing strategy, with between 20 and 40 percent of viewers turning into qualified leads. 

Do you sell training services over the internet? Would you like you to find out more about the effectiveness of webinars for marketing your services? Then check out the following infographic for more details. 

Check out The Complete Webinar Marketing Infographic For eLearning Companies

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