What is personal branding?
A personal branding is a reference that we give off to our listeners while establishing or promoting thoughts that we stand for. A personal branding is a unique trait that combines our skill sets and the experience that we have accumulated over the years. A personal branding consists of features that make us who we are and thus establishes a unique feature that helps the world to judge us better.

What is a brand?
A brand does not necessarily have to be an organisation or a company, anything and everything can be a brand nowadays. A brand doesn't have to be companies like Apple or Microsoft; it can also be a unique trait that showcases the skills of a person. You can have a brand both that has its presence both online and offline.

Why is personal branding important?
Gone are the good old days where there were very few speakers and influencers in the market. In 2018 we have tons of people who are ready to leave their mark on the world and honestly, they are pretty good. But despite being good they might not just make it to the top. To survive the competition and to be the best, personal branding helps in leaving a mark on people. When done right personal branding can get you really famous.

How can personal branding help you?
a.When you have a personal brand of your own and go on to an interview your potential employers will give you the first preference as you have some experience in the field.
b.Also while promotions your name will tend to come first up in the list of potential candidates.
c.You will get better job placements depending upon your skill sets.
d.You will be a preferred name for partnerships as your image will definitely help the company in increasing its goodwill.
e.If you run a business and it is online based then the good reputation that you have earned via personal branding will also affect your company. People will want to invest in your business and customers will get assurance. Being a media house affects your online image hugely.

A guide to personal branding and why is it so trending in 2018?
Personal branding is surely not something that one can achieve overnight in a jiffy, branding needs a lot of work and almost years of experience to get it right. Only when you are famous among a certain group of people, they will know who you are and you will have a brand of your own.
There is no one single way to have a brand, there are tips and tricks that people in the field prefer but when done right anything can work. Many entrepreneurs across the world have successfully transformed into personal brands and have become as famous as their brand itself. You can take help from a branding agency, there are quite a few good branding agency in Chennai.
There can be many ways through which one can be branded and social media is one of the most important and powerful ones. In order to be famous in the social media circle, you need to revamp your entire account. Here are a few simple ways on how you can do that.
a.The most important thing is to create and curate the most engaging content.
b.Another good rule of thumb is to keep your thoughts and content positive. Try not to deal with super sensitive matters that might get you into trouble.
c.You can also join groups with like-minded people.
d.Try and keep your brand tone consistent.

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