If you are a newbie entrepreneur, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with just how much you have to do. You are no longer a specialist as you were in your full-time position. You now have many shoes to fill from finance whizz to marketing guru, and from social media manager to website designer. These roles can be difficult to master and the chances of you being able to fulfill them to the highest standard are slim. Instead, you need to consider the joys of outsourcing.

Outsourcing was once frowned upon as it was thought to show weakness and admitting defeat. If you are truly worthy of being an entrepreneur, you should be able to complete every duty and task yourself. This is a defunct concept in the twenty-first century and nuanced outsourcing is seen as a business function in itself. If you want to have every aspect of your startup running cohesively and to the highest standard, you will need external experts on board. Read on to find out why outsourcing could be money well spent.

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Your Online Presence

The most crucial aspect of any modern business is the online presence. It's all very well and good having a snazzy all singing and all dancing website that is aesthetically pleasing, but what’s the point if no one knows that it exists. You need to outsource your SEO & web design capabilities to off site experts. These specialists will work with you to craft a website using WordPress or a drag and drop builder according to your digital marketing strategy. This means that your website will be designed to meet your goals. Perhaps you want a global reach, more followers on social media, hits to sales conversions, or you want to analyze the traffic that you achieve. A specialist firm can help you formulate strategy and adapt it according to your business vision.

Your online presence doesn’t begin and end with a website. You should be exposed across a number of platforms from your website to social media and from third party blogs to online directories. Emulating your brand across a range of platforms can maximize your exposure online and can help build your brand’s following. It doesn’t matter whether you import ball bearings from Taiwan or whether you design bespoke tee shirts for teenagers, you need to tap your niche online.

Making your website utilize SEO tools means that you will appear further up the Google search results. This means you will be the company harnessing the traffic and potential customers that are searching for relevant terms linked to what your business has to offer.


Forget spending a day a month working through tax obligations, pension contributions and job sharing legislation to ensure that your staff get paid on time. Instead, you can relinquish this responsibility to a third party. Outsourcing tedious administrative tasks such as payroll will free up your time to enable you to spend your hours on more important aspects of your business vision. Outsourcing payroll also means that you no longer have to worry about human error or panic about your staff being paid on time. A third party firm will work efficiently and accurately to ensure that your workforce gets paid the right amount on time.

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IT Troubleshooting

If you always have a queue of people at your office door to complain about the server going down, WiFi being patchy or laptops freezing, it’s important that you can outsource your IT troubleshooting. Having to fix simple IT issues can take up a ridiculous amount of your time each day and can prevent you from being productive. WiFi downtime can also result in an unproductive staff team that become frustrated and struggle with low morale.

A specialist external firm can become your team of IT troubleshooters. These experts will work remotely alongside your IT system to ensure that downtime is minimal and that your assets remain secure. Rather than queuing up at your door, your staff can raise a ticket, pick up the phone or email the external team and have their IT issues rectified within minutes. Being able to work more efficiently will lead to greater productivity, which you can then convert into profit.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, often simply because of your workload and the variety of tasks that you need to complete. Forget about risking burnout and use outsourcing to help you. By utilizing outsourcing sensibly and according to your business plan, this could be money well spent.

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