The use of the internet through mobile devices is increasing day by day. This is the reason why a lot of companies are investing in mobile e-commerce. To expand your business with mobile e-commerce, there are several platforms available like Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, and many more. One can use them to build your e-commerce store. However, businesses prefer Magento 2 for building e-commerce websites for several good reasons.

And we shall discuss these reasons here.

Interesting Facts about Magento 2 and Mobile E-Commerce

  • If we go with the numbers, around 19,336 business websites today are using Magento 2 as per the e-commerce stats.
  • 42% of the mobile revenue for some top 500 retailers is captured by the retail apps.
  • Statistics reveal that by the end of the year 2021, around 53.9% of the total retail e-commerce is expected to be generated through mobile.
  • The mobile e-commerce revenues are summed up to 96.34 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 worldwide. And it is expected that it will surpass 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Why Choose Magento 2 For Mobile E-Commerce?

  • Enhanced Admin Panel

The most important aspect when it comes to the admin panel is its user-friendliness. The work of admin panel is complex and so the interface needs to be simple so that people can get accustomed with it. With Magento 2, the admin panel is simple yet effective and so it becomes easy to manage the whole website.

  • Maximized Sales

Most of the e-commerce sales today come from mobile devices. According to statistics, consumers are 51% more likely to buy from online stores having a fully optimized website for the mobile device.

There were days when people use to sit in front of their laptops or desktops to purchase something online. But those days are gone for sure as a mobile phone is a preferred choice today for buying anything online. Now this gives a loud and clear message to the owners and retailers to have their websites updated for mobile screens so that customers get uninterrupted shopping experience.

Magento 2 can help the store owners to build a mobile app that ultimately boosts the conversions and maximizes the sales.

  • Mobile Management

Magento 2 comes with some amazing features that can help a store owner to run the business smoothly. It is open source and has got pretty much everything to start the online store. Here?s what one can expect from Magento 2 for their business:

  1. Catalog Management
  2. Marketing/Promotion suite
  3. SEO functionality
  4. Site Management (CMS functionality)
  5. Order Management (invoicing)

This means, when a website is built using Magento 2, all the website functionalities are available on the mobile through admin extension in the e-commerce store. One can manage the website right from the mobile phone.

  • Google Friendly

As per the updates made by Google in 2015, the search algorithm gives more importance mobile-friendly websites. It penalizes or lowers the rank of websites that are not mobile-friendly.

With Magento 2, the store owners don?t have to worry about the mobile-friendliness of their websites. This functionality is already provided by Magento 2. Thus, their websites are responsive for any device and they don?t have to build different versions for them. This means, if a website is built with Magento 2 then one can target the e-commerce as well the m-commerce market.

  • Easy Checkout

The checkout interface is very important for an e-commerce store. If checkout is simple and safe; customers will likely come down to the store again. But if it is complicated and takes more time than required, surely it will demotivate the customers at the final step. And this isn?t something a store owner wants. Abandoned carts decrease the store sales.

However, Magento 2 platform offers easy and secure checkout interface to the e-commerce stores. What?s even better is having these benefits within the reach of fingertips! Customers can make a purchase within a short time with much ease and security. This can surely boost traffic and sales for e-commerce stores.

  • Reliable Caching

Caching serves as a reliable parameter of performance for the websites. This holds equally true for the mobile websites due to its unpredictable nature of connectivity. Magento 2 provides reliable caching through Vanish Full Cache support. It is easy to configure and developers can improve the performance of a website despite the fluctuations in connectivity.

  • Advanced Marketing Features

Magento 2 comes with advanced marketing features like:

  1. Optimized Product Category Pages
  2. Customer Segmentation
  3. Creating Wishlist
  4. Visual Merchandising
  5. Sharing Email
  6. Drag and Drop feature

It goes a long way in increasing the overall visibility of the website.

  • User-Friendly

The sales of a store are directly affected by whether or not the website is user-friendly. If it is easy to browse through the store and navigate to different items, users will definitely have a good experience while shopping. But if it is complex, users might not come to the store ever again. This means one loses several customers by missing out on the user-friendly nature of the store.

Magento 2 has a solution for this and it comes with easy to browse and navigate themes to resolve this problem. There are themes readily available to be used for an easy browsing and purchase of the products.


For any e-commerce business today, it is important to focus on the m-commerce market. If mobile e-commerce is what you are aiming at then Magneto 2 is the best choice provided it comes with a fully flexible, scalable and optimized solution. A full-featured Magento 2 website for mobile devices shall engage more customers and drive more revenue to the business.

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