Why is Laravel among the Best PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018What Benefits a PHP Framework Brings?

As we look forward to benefits and features of Laravel, some of the underlying points that go well with all the PHP frameworks are worth giving a mention:

  • Adopting some of the best practices in development along with Rapid Application Development
  • Facility to reuse code and components that result in a structured and maintainable web application
  • Separation of presentation and logic layers by the inbuilt model view controller
  • Makes use of object-oriented programming methods and tools that will extend web application capabilities
  • Inbuilt security policies and methods

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is being widely used to support fast and effective customized web development services. Laravel development has a colossal nerve and right after its inception into technology, it has supported faster and effective customized web development services. Presence of Accurate and comprehensible documentation is crucial to the success of large-scale frameworks and that's the key reason behind the success of Laravel Framework.

Let?s find out how it is easy to use and what features it brings with itself that has made it the best PHP framework in 2018 and a leading web development option among the developers across the globe.

Based on Object-Oriented Libraries

Presence of many useful object-oriented libraries along with many other useful libraries gives it leverage over other PHP frameworks. One of the primary object-oriented libraries found in Laravel Framework is Authentication library, which is easy to use and also comes with a host of features that enhance overall web development process.

Effective Authorization Process

Laravel bring forth all the configurations out of the box and thus makes implementing authentication very simple. Laravel comes along with a number of authentication controllers that combine with the namespace. Guards and Providers make up the authentication facility of Laravel. While guards define how users are authenticated for each request, providers define how users are retrieved from persistent storage. A developer can define as many providers as are required during Laravel Development.

MVC support with Laravel

You'll get to use controllers, models, and views when you use traditional Model View Controller in your Laravel Applications, to handle requests, retrieve data, interact with the database and render pages. This further allows delivering a high level of priority between logic and presentation. This further facilitates a better documentation and also comes with several high-end built-in functionalities.

Security with Laravel Development

Laravel makes use of the Bcrypt algorithm and do not let passwords remain as plain texts. Laravel takes the case of security issues with the help of some of these important features:

  • Hash class for storing passwords
  • Make() and Check() functions
  • Authenticating users by Auth::attempt?method?CSRF Protection/Cross-site request forgery (XSS)
  1. CSRF Protection/Cross-site request forgery (XSS)
  2. Avoiding SQL injection
  3. Cookies ? Secure by default
  4. Forcing HTTPS when exchanging sensitive data

Laravel as the most popular PHP Web Development Framework in the current scenario ensures the highest level of security in terms of the overall web development solutions.

Useful Tutorials

Laravel provides some amazing web tutorials in form of ?Laracasts? that feature a perfect blend of a perfect blend of free as well as premium video tutorials. These will teach the efficient use of Laravel Framework.

Smooth Migration of Database

Creating and modifying database is easy with Laravel. You will not have to worry about a specific SQL syntax for the database engine for which you create tables. Also, you get a chance to roll back the most recent changes to the database if required.

Landing Up

It?s not just about big and established companies, many startups have also turned into Laravel Development Companies who are building enterprise applications like worldoo, Oneplus.net, laravel. Io, worldwalking.org. Many web app development companies are hiring Laravel developers as the urge to bring only the best on the table never stops.

Coalescing creativity with technology coupled with strenuous development, Laravel helps in bringing out the best features out of a PHP framework. Keeping pace with changing market solutions, it is capable of giving us effective and relentless web apps.

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