Search Engine Optimization Pressor or SEOPressor is an automated plugin for blog sites. The developer of SEOPressor plugin is expert Daniel Tan. Various website and blog owners use SEO to increase the visibility of their sites on the internet. When searching for any information on any search engine, particular websites appear on the first page and so on. This takes place as per the ranking of a particular website made by the search engine. The process of SEO will increase the visibility and hence the ranking of a blog or website. Higher the ranking more will be the frequency of the blog appearing on search engines.

With the help of SEOPressor plugin, the blog gains substantial boost in their ranking on various search engines especially Google. It is an on SEO structure which eliminates manual SEO experts who charge in order to provide this boost. Thus, there is the added benefit of cost reduction. This is achieved automatically as the plugin manages various tasks including calculating keyword density, modifying them for SEO and so on. These tasks if done manually will require both man power and is time consuming. Hence with the help of SEOPressor the above tasks are done efficiently saving cost and time.

The SEOPressor plugin advantageously keeps on adding keywords to your blog?s content. This helps in improving the SEO quotient. An SEO score is updated for each and every blog entry on the site even before it is published. This allows the blog owner to make suitable changes in order to achieve better optimization.

Among various features of the SEOPressor is the ?Suggestions? feature which includes step by step instructions, thus guiding the blog owner to increase the overall SEO score of the blog. This is achieved by a base algorithm known to copy Google Analytics? performance.

Let us see the other features of the SEOPressor plugin

1. Automatic suggestions to improve the blogs SEO score

2. Forms a live SEO score and update the score as and when content of the page changes

3. Combines the SEO mechanism in the blog, thus allowing side-by-side view of SEO settings and page content

4. Verify internal links on SEO

5. Highlight the keywords in the post even in image tags apart from regular headings

There is no need for the creation of back links on posts. All this is taken care of by the plugin. In addition to the already mentioned characteristics it is highly user friendly as it provides an interactive interface.

The only drawback among the various positives of the plugin is its cost. This plugin is not free to use. The developer charges a one- time $47 fee for a single site license.

Thus the SEOPressor is a cool SEO plugin for blog users out there. It gives you access to several attractive features at a very competitive price. The setup is very easy and its simple interface has made it a blessing for those who do not have much programming knowledge. It effectively negates the need to recruit separate SEO programmers who charge a good amount. This saves the blog owner a good amount of cash in the deal.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a ?Wireless Laser Printer. These days she is busy in writing an article on Emergency Shelter.

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