When it comes to offers I tell every newbie to go to Myspace Facebook & ask them selve's what type of offers do they see constantly? The answer is what ever is hot at that time usually it lasts around couple months to couple weeks at time. Also Don't Forget to enter Motive Interactive Gives Back Contest!


#1 Easy Weight Loss Tea

Campaign ID: 50050 “If you cant find this offer on your account ask your affiliate manager make sure you can start promoting it!”

Is a great offer for any weight loss diet site at a whole $33.75 you can make some good profit off this offer over at Motive!

#2 New IPhone Email Submit

Campaign ID: 1751


This offer does really well with Myspace & several other social network's def give this one a try before Another new IPhone comes out! Payout is at $1.15

#3 Xbox360 Email Submit

Campaign ID: 1549


This offer is great right before X-mas & pretty much all year long because every kid wants either xbox360 for xmas or his B-day! Great payout of $1.50 per email submit!

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