digital-marketing-1497211_960_720Marketing has always been an underestimated task when it comes to both importance and difficulty. Thankfully, the digital age has shown many newcomers to business just how much marketing affects success. We often think about types of marketing as things that can make or break a business. But it might be useful to look at what things can make or break a marketing campaign!

Here are some of the biggest factors that you may not have considered thoroughly yet. Start taking notes!

The design of your website

This seems like as good a place as any to begin! A lot of business owners definitely make mistakes when it comes to this side of things. responsive-web-design-conceptThey?re under the impression that the design of the website doesn?t matter that much when it comes to marketing. After all, isn?t marketing supposed to be aimed at people who haven?t seen the website yet? So what effect does the design actually have?

It?s actually fairly simple. Any decent digital marketing strategy involves the heavy use of SEO. The success of an SEO campaign will depend, in a way, on how much Google ?likes? you. Search engine algorithms scan the front- and back-end of a website when rankings are being developed. This means that the design choices you make affect what Google can see during this process.

Who you work with

There are businesses out there who do their marketing completely in-house. Some may immediately cry ?Fools!?. But this wouldn?t 28405228503_5972af2d31_bautomatically be true, would it? If a company has hired the right people and has the right resources, then they could see great success in marketing. But it?s true that a lot of businesses who try it this way don?t quite get it right.

The world of marketing is a complex one. Trying to support a department dedicated to it is time-consuming and expensive. And the results can be a very mixed bag. This is why a lot of business owners prefer to work directly with a marketing agency. Of course, you need to ensure that you?re working with a reputable one. Make sure you check out their previous work, if possible. Get in touch with them and have a good talk about your business before signing any contracts.

research-390297_960_720The composition of your current market

So who exactly buys the sort of service or product you?re looking to sell? You probably already know something about demographics. If you?re not aware of the demographics of your market, then your marketing campaign could be the equivalent of yelling into a void. And it?s possible that you don?t quite understand how many factors have to be considered here.

Sure, knowing the demographics will help you target people now. But they also have great implications for the future. The average salary and the average age of the consumers in your market will determine how long they?ll remain in that market. This sort of data will show you how much growth you can expect in your market at large. This is important information if you?re going to be making any changes to your marketing campaign.

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