Most times, people refer to web designers as developers and developers as web designers. This article will shed light on the differences between web design and web development. Yes! I know you are surprised to hear that there is a clear difference between these two aspects as regards a website. Note that a single individual can become both a web designer and a web developer. Web designers and developers contribute to the functioning of a website; they are inseparable important entities as regards website creation. Learn Today

Web design mostly focuses on the visual interface of the website, mainly on the user while web development is a rather complex aspect of website creation involving the use of codes and computer programming languages like java, python and so on. It looks like web development constitutes real work while handling a website project. Without the work of these two aspects working together efficiently, your website cannot be good. Web developers make use of their basic knowledge of codes and programming languages to create a website. Codes are more like commands that are communicated to a computer to do what you want it to do. Take a look at games for a second, how do they move, how do they react to the commands pressed on a joystick? It is definitely the work of a developer/programmer. Not to digress from the main point, this is the difference between web design and web development.

A website designer is useful in making your website’s appearance beautiful and attractive. The emphasis of a website designer is on the visual aspect of the website, how it looks and satisfies the public with the knowledge of color blend, HTML, CSS, and other useful skills to design a website page. Their main focus is in three aspects which include User Experience design, User Interface design, and visual design.

A website developer is a kind of a ghost worker, (permit me to use this word) whose works are not visible to the eyes but are responsible for the functioning and responsiveness of the website. A website developer makes use of its knowledge of JavaScript and Query to create a fully functional and smooth-running website. It lays emphasis more on what the user will enjoy doing and less on how the website will look. Got it? We have different aspects of website development in relation to their functionality: back-end, front end, and full stack development.

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