More than talking about fashion, we must deal with the topic of news in user-oriented web design. The experience and the comfort of the same when moving on a web page is the key to detect which is the design strategy that every entrepreneur, company, or freelancer must carry in their project. No matter you are designing online slots like the book of Ra 2 euro or an NGO’s homepage.

Animations and Effects in Web Design

Movement and animation are very effective on websites with greater dynamism. In case you are wondering how can web design influence human perception, the key is to use illustrations, gifs, or effects to highlight this dynamism what we really want to notice in order to achieve positive action on the user. 

When it comes to web design online in the e-commerce business, micro animations will have a greater implementation, especially in clothing stores where you can see how the clothes they sell fit graphically and with movement. All web design jobs have to have a balance, that is why it is not good to abuse this first point, since it could achieve the opposite effect.

A website with too many animations and without criteria will cause distraction in the user causing them not to know where to focus their attention.

Web Design Minimalism

Although it’s not a new concept, it’s still relevant enough to be considered a design trend in 2021. Combining dark or bright shades of color with the white space is a good mix, since we can safely say that smart use of the white space brings a feeling of balance and space to the page. Another advantage is that user participation levels are higher in this scenario.

Take that and combine it with other important elements of design like separate actions or calls to action, and you should get an overall balanced appearance of your content. A very good example of this is the Apple website and the Google search engine, which make very good use of the white sections, turning up the conversion numbers.

Split Screen Content in Web Design

Following Apple's line of work, a novelty in web design and development in 2021 will be the division of the screen. Dividing the screen into two clearly differentiated parts is another of the most used trends in current web design. This option offers a web design company many interesting possibilities, such as applying a different behavior to each side of the screen.

Several web design courses can help you in this matter. Remember that in web design you always have to guide the user towards a profitable destination, and therefore, this trend is very effective and attractive, and visually modern.

Web Design Typography And Oversized Elements

Typography is always decisive when creating an impression on a website, but for the sake of effective communication, the use of fonts and other elements such as video is more and more frequent as a means of attracting attention to what is most important.

Large format header video is also very effective and will become even more important in the web design freelance industry than last year, although a header without an image, with striking color and an attractive font, is also a trend. Besides, the use of bold will be widely used this year.

Fluorescent 3D Digitized Artwork And Complicated Elements

The use of digitized 3D artwork is not new, but it is more prevalent than ever. When it is also combined with fluorescent colors, the result is a design with a futuristic style and a lot of personality, exactly like these so-called slots offline for home. However, in web design, it is important to highlight that its strength lies in using it in moderation. 

Some interesting web design facts tell us that the psychology of color is important, and fluorescent colors have to be balanced with neutral tones so that the result causes the intended effect. Faced with simplicity, some bet on the use of complicated patterns to differentiate themselves.

Since designers usually have very limited time for their work, these types of designs are often overlooked, and it is preferred to use stock images of a mandala or similar geometric shapes to speed up the process.

Secure Web Https and GDPR

A website that is not in HTTPS is a website destined to fail. The reason is that Google requires this protocol and the users will not access your website if they see that it is not entirely in HTTPS. If your website does not appear with a padlock in the browser, you have a security and reliability problem on the part of the user who accesses your website. 

If your website is not in HTTPS, you must install a Lets Encrypt certificate to perform the migration. A quality hosting will offer this secure protocol installation service for free for you. If your hosting does not offer it, we recommend that you migrate to another as soon as possible (also free migration).

Now when it comes to GDPR, you should be aware that 90% of the websites do not correctly comply with the general regulation of data projection. Installing the cookie policy acceptance bar or the legal notice, privacy policy, or acceptance in comments pages is usually poorly done on almost all websites.

The user must accept the cookies before being able to leave them to the web administrator and decide which ones and which ones if they accept and this is not fulfilled. The poor integration of the GDPR in web design is a reason for a fine and should be a trend to apply in 2021.

Overlapping Layers With Custom Illustrations

The web design layering effect can be achieved by placing elements on top of each other so that they are partially hidden, or by allowing additional content to appear once clicked. Done right, using white space and using hierarchy between elements, the final composition will look balanced, neat, and legible. 

Websites need visual tools such as illustrations, icons, and photos to be more attractive, but these resources can also be used to create and strengthen brand identity. That is why web design is important, to make use of unique vector art elements and employ images that suit the brand's needs.


If you google “web design near me”,  you will see how popular this industry has become, as more and more professional design agencies have appeared. The trends in web design of 2021 have changed little compared to last year. More visual movements, wide sections with a white background, large visual videos, or large fonts are more and more common in web design, and this year they will be seen more and more.

What are some of your favorite trends or web design business ideas for this year? What advice would you give to a newcomer? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

The Author

Ellen Royce is a business consultant with experience of over 15 years. She specializes in training for web development and social media marketing. She has written articles for many prestigious newspapers and five marketing bestsellers. An avid reader, Ellen likes to recharge the batteries in her ancestral home library at Bibury.

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