Want to Develop an App like Honk_ Here are 4 Features That Must Be Added For Making an Uber like App for TowingWhen it comes to long drives and traveling almost everyone gets a sense of enthusiasm and energetic spirit. Nothing wrong about it, but one thing that demands user attention here is, how to remain prepared enough to combat with the issues that arise at the roadside. Well, yes, they are obviously uninvited but being attentive and aware of the roadside assistance solutions can be a big savior in the scenario.

Problems such as tire damage, running out of fuel, sudden lockouts, losing on the keys, winch out and the mechanical issues might occur. Although the probability of occurring such problems is unconditional, what if someone gets struck with any of the issues.

Well, we have ample of mobile apps such as Honk, Urgent.ly, StrandD, etc. is standing out there for handling such dilemmas on the roadside. One of the biggest apps that gathered huge publicity in the niche out of the above there is ?Honk?. The former app is being developed by Honk Technologies, a Los-Angeles based start-up. The app is linked to over 3500 roadside assistance partners and is gaining an immense about of visibility with its empowered roadside solutions.

Thus, if you liked the concept and is eager to invest in the mobile app development market, this post will take you to the right track targeting the tow truck app, Roadside Assistance Apps and towing app development.

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So, get in touch with the best and most powerful features that must be added to your roadside assistance app.

  • Find nearby assistance and services

This can be counted as the basic feature of your on-demand roadside assistance mobile app. The users must be able to find the nearby service providers and towing facilities for fixing the problems. Allow the users to schedule or to select the type of services they seek to use.

In case of the vehicle breakdown or in the cases of tire replacements or locking problems, the app must be able to connect them with the most convenient and nearby service station.

  • Geo Location

Under this feature, the user can track the real-time location of the service providers that have been assigned to them and the duration they might require to reach the required destination.

It helps in delivering a flawless user experience and at the same time proves a boon for the driver as well. The service provider can also determine the location of the car and the user, thus can make necessary provisions for reaching him out as soon as possible.

Furthermore, allow your users to call the driver in case of some urgency. This will add a good note to your app. Other than this, in-app chatting can also be integrated into the app for delivering an impeccable user experience.

  • Push Notification

This is a great way of keeping the user engaged and informed. Deliver the confirmation to them, once their request has been accepted. Updates regarding the new service providers added or the services that are provided nearby to their location can also be sent to the users.

Messages regarding the payment can also be delivered to keep the users aware of the transaction status.

  • Payment gateway integration

?uber payment

This is a very crucial feature that must be integrated if you planning to have an app like Honk. Payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree etc. can be added into the app for making the transaction. Digital modes such as Credit card, Debit card, and net banking should also be integrated into the app for making the billing more transparent.


Roadside assistance apps are certainly new in the trend. They are referred to as Uber for towing services, because of their On-demand nature. The above blueprint of the features will make it simple for you to develop an app like Honk.

Therefore, just find the right app development agency for getting your app ideation deployed in the correct way and embark with the more innovative roadside app models for capturing a large user base.

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