If you are new to WordPress and you have just finished designing your site, you will no doubt be very proud of your hard work. However, before you can get your site published, there are a few things you will need to consider such as security.

Although WordPress regularly update their site to include the latest security fixes, there are additional things you can do to improve your pages security. Here are a few ideas that will help make your site secure.

Admin Profile

It is so easy to forget to change your admin profile. However, it is important that you do change it as soon as possible. Hackers use brute force attacks to get past the admin accounts; then they can access all your data. By creating a new user and deleting the Admin profile, you will make such an attack less likely.


Passwords are another area that can be easily taken for granted. Your password has to be unique so that attacks can be nullified. Avoid using your name or your child's name as there is a chance they can be easily guessed.

To be secure, you can try a password generator such as 1Password or LastPass. They will use numbers, characters and symbols to generate a password of any length. You will then have a more secure site with a difficult password for hackers to guess.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication might sound a little extreme, but, if you want to have a secure site, it is the best option. It is especially true if you will have customers personal information stored on the site.

The type of authentication we are talking about is already used by many companies including PayPal and Google so that it will be familiar to you. There are plugins that can help you set it up such as Rublon.


If you are the only one that updates or posts on your WordPress site, then you will have admin privileges. However, if there are others that regularly go to the site, they do not need to have the same privileges as you. If they are writing posts, then you can restrict the access they have to the site.

The same applies to anyone updating or maintaining your site for you. Grant them the access needed, but remove it once they have finished the work. It doesn?t take long, and it will save any potential problems in the future.

The last thing you need is your data to be lost or corrupted, if this were to happen, you would need to rely on back-ups or other security to help you resolve it. You can use a data retrieval company such as Secure Data Recovery to retrieve your data for you. It can be an invaluable service, especially if there was sensitive information involved.

With these suggestions in place, you can be more confident that your data will remain safe, even if you have others using the site as well.

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