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If you go to all of the trouble of having a website designed and filled with content, then it can be upsetting, to say the least, when customers do not linger for more than a few seconds to see what your business is and what you do.

However, this is a really common experience that many business owners have all of the time, and it is usually because they have made some kind of error that turns the customer off, so that no matter how hard they work to improve their organic CTR and drive more traffic their way, they simply do not see the level of sales they would expect.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the biggest business website turn-offs your customers will probably hate:


It’s an obvious one, but if your website is slow to load, then chances are your customers will not stick around to see what you have to say when it does finally load after all! Luckily, a good web expert can help you to optimize your site for faster loading speeds quite easily.

Grammatical mistakes

If there are a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on your website, then it will not exactly instill confidence in your customers that you are a reputable company that can be trusted to handle their transitions. You should. Then, always proofread your content before uploading it where it could end up embarrassing you!

Pop-up ads

It’s generally fine to have one or two pop-ups offering special offers or giving out important information to your customers, but if you have lots of pop-ups and they keep…well popping up all the time, this will turn your customers off fast and they may never get around to taking advantage of all those lovely offers you are advertising. So, it is fast better to be conservative and have offers pop up only once or twice during any one customer’s visit to your business website.

Content that autoplay

If you have a video on your website that autoplay when customers are busy trying to read some other information or make a purchase, it can be really annoying, especially if they are not expecting it and it startles them. It could very well turn them off your website and put them off making the purchase they were just about to. It’s fine to have video content but make it so the audience can choose whether to play it or not so that they do not have any nasty surprises.

Customers can be fickle. So if you do anything to turn them off your website at all, you cannot expect to see the results you would have hoped for in terms of long stays on your website and the purchasing of your goods and services. Now that you know what some of the most common turn-offs for customers are, you can hopefully avoid them on your own website and see more success than ever before.

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