Web design in technical terms refers to different skills in the production as well as the maintenance of a website. This includes the search engine optimization the art to design the code in order for it to work with maximum optimization, graphic design, security setups and many more. A web designer is the one who does this work. A web designer is focused on the web design but apart from that, he must stay in constant touch with the informative articles and blogs so as to keep themselves updated with the current market demands and trends. Reading helps one to get out of their cocoon and learn new techniques and new developing tools have been recently launched in the market. Blogs are a great source of information and learning for both the beginners and the advanced designers.

Why go for blogs?

In today?s world, you can Google whatever you want and there will thousands of results corresponding to that search. But it leads to great confusion and in the end, most of the people quit. But reading blogs and articles is beneficial because there you get very limited and pr?cised data. These blogs and articles are a great source of inspiration.

Here we present to you the top 5 amazing web design blogs that all the budding, as well as pro web designers definitely, should go for in 2019:

1. Smashing magazine: smashing magazine is the king of web design blogs with an incredible reach of 1 million Twitter followers, followed by 30k people on Facebook and a view of 5 million pages per month. Started in 2006, it has been always helping and making a contribution to enhance the web design services. The blogs and articles provided by smashing magazine always help web designers with innovative information. Not just web design, it has articles on graphic design and experience of the users that helps a lot for the reference.

2. Web designer Depot: Web designer depot found by Walter Apai, a Vancouver, and Canada based web designer. With a crowd of 1.1 million newsletter subscribers, and followed by 740 thousand people on Twitter, web designer depot has always been a heart of web design field. It isn't only a blog however a community. It has proved to be of great help in the web design industry by providing insights on user experience and web design. It covers the kind of exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else easily.

3. Mockplus Blog: Mockplus blog consists of very thorough details and the content for web design. Not just the web design, they give a comprehensive insight of graphic design, UI/ UX design, and prototyping design. It also enhances your knowledge about the current design trends and newly developed design tools launched in the market or the ones that have been trending recently. The blogs introduce you to popular prototyping tools. If you are a web designer then Mockplus Blog is a must visit because of the premium quality content that it offers helping the budding as well as the advanced or pro level designers.

4. Hacking UI: hacking UI is a great magazine for passionate developers, designers, and budding entrepreneurs. It was founded by the Sagi Shrieber, the designer and David Tintner, the developer. Like the name suggests hacker UI majorly focus on the interaction design. It is important and innovative because nowadays interaction design is been used in web designs a lot. The interaction design refers to the design that focuses on the interaction of the product and the user. If you want to become an excellent interaction designer, then Hacking UI is the place where you belong.

5. Design Instruct: design instruct is a web magazine for the designers and developers. It provides tutorials and great content for the designing from which you can learn a lot. It is quite informative and helpful if you are working in a field of designing. They inspire users to get motivated by their own work and help them learn new techniques in web design, graphic design as well as photography. It is the premier venue for learning digital art and instructs design trends.

In today?s world, everything is dynamic, nothing stays the same. In a drop of a hat, new technologies are discovered; new tools are invented. To catch up with the pace of this ever-growing world, one must stay updated and never stop learning. In this digital era especially, to be distinguished from the crowd you need to carry special skill set. If you are a web designer reading blog sites must be in your routine. Above all, the blog sites provide you with the great platform in order to accomplish your passion for design.

Apart from making an outstanding website, there are many other things that a designer needs to focus on. Being a web designer you need to be updated with the current market trends. To learn new techniques and popular designs, one must be a regular reader. The web design blogs provide the great insight of what is needed to be done apart from designing great websites.

About The Author

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Web Design Services Services . I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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