Job hunting is stressful enough. Being rejected is completely disheartening, and being repeatedly rejected can even make you feel like you aren?t worth it. Not only are there simple things that you can fix that?ll hopefully make you more appealing to potential employers, but there are also topics that you should learn and familiarize yourself that will wow them. Being hired is about selling yourself. Knowing these three topics can give you an edge over your competition because it shows that you know the basics of how the world today works.

Social Media

Social media is a topic that is both very easy to learn, and something that becomes increasingly complicated. You can know how to use social media, but the fact is, most people only know how to use it for their personal life. It is how to use it for businesses that can make you instantly more hireable. You don?t have to be an expert, but you learn the best practices.

Know how to increase engagement, how advertising on the social mediums works, and, most importantly, know its limitations. A great way to both practice social media marketing and have an example to show your employers is to start your own blog that you market. Think of it as your guinea pig where you can use trial and error to find the best strategies that work for you.


Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique many people have heard about, but at the same time, know very little about when it comes to applying it to their business. Being knowledgeable in SEO strategies that increase page ranking is an incredible selling point for future employers. You can know everything there is about SEO, however, simply learning the basics and proving your knowledge can be enough. Once you are hired, speak to your company about improving their SEO ? lead them to companies such as Click Intelligence, who will help you with your apply SEO and link building into your business?s marketing strategy.

SEO increases page ranking. It means that people can find you when they use a search engine. The guidelines constantly change, so you need to make sure that stay on top of today?s best practices or hire a company to do it for you.


WordPress is the most popular CMS with over 28.4% of websites using it. It is a versatile tool that most websites are built from, so knowing how to use WordPress is a critical skill to learn. If you want to be even more hireable, know how to use the other top content management systems like Blogger too. Be flexible. Be knowledgeable. Be hired. Knowing the basics of HTML and the other building blocks of the Internet like CSS is a bonus.

Whether you complete a course and get a diploma in them, or simply read up on the topics, they are great to know. Each one of these topics is crucial to any company, the second it goes online. Knowing the stakes and how the online portion of the business works can make you a more effective employee because it means that you can optimize your work for online from the get-go. It shows that you know more about the business than your competition. It will make you more hireable.

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