10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal for Building Small Business Websites

When it comes to creating an online presence for small businesses with a limited budget, WordPress is the most popular choice for companies. However, not every business has enough resources and expertise to publish a website online by investing heavily at the very initial stage. But, using WordPress for small business websites is great as well as the easiest way to publish a cost-effective and effective website online. In addition, choosing WordPress for small business sites also provides significant value by ensuring quality. Nowadays WordPress is gaining popularity among both big and small businesses. Studies show that more than 43% of all internet websites are created by WordPress.

So, if you are a small business owner looking to achieve a quality online presence, there is no need to invest a lot into a paid solution. Instead, you can simply hire a leading WordPress Development Company that can help you reach your business goals by building a robust website using WordPress.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an easy-to-use, open-source content management system (CMS) that is popularly used to create an effective website. Unlike the earlier time, today WordPress is not limited to blogging purposes, instead, now it includes several features to help developers create almost any type of website ranging from community sites, eCommerce, news and magazine site, business website, multilingual site, and booking system to directory sites and many more. What makes WordPress more popular among the business is its large community support. Moreover, WordPress offers endless possibilities when it comes to customizing a Website. It is because WordPress is featured with several themes and plugins that can add new design options and functionalities to the websites.

Top WordPress Features:

Nowadays, you can find several leading companies and celebrities including NBC, CBS, USA Today, Time, Disney, Airbnb, Shopify, TechCrunch, Pioneer Women, and many others using WordPress to publish on the web. But if you are still wondering why to use WordPress, just have a look at the few top features of WordPress.

  • Open-Source:

    WordPress is open-source. It simply means that anyone can download and modify it in their preferred way.
  • SEO-Friendliness:

    WordPress provides an exceptional code base for SEO that can help your website’s content to be found via common search engines such as Google or Bing. It offers a wide range of components that can be used to fetch high search rankings for your websites.
  • Speed:

    Being a lean website framework, WordPress works consistently to remove code “bloat” that can slow down the website loading speed.
  • Mobile-Friendly:

    WordPress is featured with mobile-friendly and responsive out-of-the-box themes. Thus it ensures a website is mobile-friendly.
  • Easyto-Use User Interface:

    WordPress is very easy to use as it has no complicated settings. You can easily install and set up a website based on WordPress in less time without having technical knowledge. Thus you can create a professional-looking website with zero coding or less design experience. This is one of the best things about WordPress.
  • User Management:

    WordPress delivers easy and quick website management. It plays several roles in managing its websites. User management of WordPress empowers businesses to manage users and their data from a centralized dashboard.
  • Media Management:

    WordPress is featured with an effective media library that can help you to choose and upload images and videos to your website easily. WordPress media files also include audio, video, images, and documents that can help you drop, drag, filter, order and customize your files. But before you must install the media manager plugin.
  • WordPress Language:

    You can access more than 70 languages available on the WordPress platform. It helps users create their blogs in multiple languages. The only thing that you have to do is to select the user interface language option to get a number of language options.
  • DistractionFree Writing Mode:

    WordPress helps bloggers to focus on their writing by offering them a handy distraction-free writing mode button that can be found in the top-right-hand corner of the editor.

Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress to Build a Website:

Now, look at the top benefits you can reap from using WordPress to build your business website:

1. Pocket-Friendliness:

WordPress comes in both free and paid versions namely WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.org is open-source and free and WordPress.com includes some prices. So, first, you need to understand which one fits right for your business. Here comes the role of hiring expert WordPress developers who can help you choose the right solution for your custom business needs.

2. Large Community Support: 

WordPress has massive community support ranging from tons of tutorials, and guides on the Internet. This is not the end of the story, it will also enable you to reach out to skilled developers and check discussion forums to find a solution to your problems easily. Moreover, there are countless developers constantly inspecting, modifying, and enhancing its quality.

3. Great Customization Option:

WordPress comes with an easy-to-use interface or admin panel that enables users to install new plugins, add pages, post themes, navigation menus, and a lot more things through dashboards displaying different menu options. These all can help you easily customize your webpage. For instance, WP Shifu provides limitless facilities to upload content updates weekly and monthly security and plugins, and maintain the overall health of your WordPress website.

4. Offers Flexibility: 

When it comes to developing a basic website for your business it is limited cost and time, so there is no other better option than choosing WordPress CMS. It is because WordPress is designed to offer the ultimate flexibility while creating a website. With WordPress, you have full control over your website right from customization, and plugins to the hosting provider. So, no matter whether you are looking to create a professional blogging forum or a full-fledged eCommerce marketplace, WordPress can offer you endless possibilities.

5. Rich Set of WordPress Plugins:

WordPress is featured with over 50,000 extremely user-friendly plugins that come with regular updates and hassle-free WordPress maintenance. These plugins are capable enough to stretch the constraints of the features of your website resulting in speeding up the website loading.

6. Provides High Security:

WordPress is loaded with built-in features and plugins that can effectively protect your website from security threats and hackers. Moreover, it also allows users to improve the security of their websites by disabling file editing, changing their WP login URL, and most importantly choosing a good hosting provider.

7. Supports Multiple Users:

It is simple to assign different access roles for multiple users of a single website with WordPress. WordPress offers six types of roles such as super administrators, administrators, editors, authors, contributors, and subscribers. This multi-use capability allows users to use a website on WordPress effectively.

8. Social Media Platforms Integration:

With the advent of digitalization, the social media presence of a website has become a must for business. It is because social media platforms prove to be very influential to help your website get noticed by more people. But it is very challenging to manage both your social media platforms and website at the same time. WordPress makes its task easy for the users by offering a lot of plugins that can integrate your website with social media channels. These plugins can automatically upload content on social media helping your content share and promote online.

9. Search Engine Optimization Ready:

As already discussed, WordPress is fully SEO-friendly. When you build a website with WordPress, you can access simple codes making the content of your website ideal for Google indexing. Moreover, you can also customize the SEO components of your website pages giving you full control over choosing a page that you want to rank high in search engines.

10. Convenient Syndication:

WordPress will allow you to earn inbound links to your site whenever you post a new blog entry. WP makes it possible by automatically going to an RSS feed, allowing others to syndicate your content across directories and other websites.

Wrapping it Up:

Today, WordPress has ranked as a top CMS with 62% of the market share and it is continuously growing. So, if you are planning to start a small or startup business by establishing a strong web presence, WordPress can offer you an easy and obvious solution to your needs. Hopefully, the above discussion has given you enough reasons to choose WordPress for your website. So, if you want to build a website using WordPress with professional help, make sure you Hire WordPress Developers with years of experience to help you make the right decisions at the right time to ensure the success of your business. So, hurry up! Don’t wait to grab WordPress to develop your business website. 

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