Savings Accounts

As You Know I love to save money. I have seen so many people broke with no savings account no back up money its kinda sad but i have been there done that you gotta be wise with your money don't spend more then you make. So if you don't have a savings account open one up today!

Give Yourself an Allowance

Put yourself on an allowance for things like entertainment aka movies, eating out, clothing, and special purchases. Stay on budget no matter how tight things get its worth it in the long run. It's never too early to start saving money. Even if it's only $20 a week try to put something aside in a savings account.

Organize Your Receipts

Keep your bills, bank statements and receipts all in one place. Organize them by month and by category, for example; rent, bills, and expenses. Keep them in a safe place. Make sure to go over your bank statements carefully and keep all ATM receipts. Have your bank return cashed checks to you or at least ensure that you can see copies of all cashed checks online or you can request a copy of a check from your bank usaly is free.

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