Starting up your own business is an exciting time. The hard work is worth the success you know you’re destined to have but first, you need to work on building your brand. There’s plenty of groundwork to get done before you hit the ground running and plenty of research that needs to be carried out.

This is particularly true when it comes to talking about your brand and in this blog we look at three ways to go about creating just the right image and name for your business, before you press go.

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Know Your Mission

No matter what type of business you run you’ll have a mission. If you sell physical products from an online store then your mission might be centered around the quality of your products or your customer service. If you sell your services and skills then it will be much the same but with a more customer-centered focus.

Your brand is built around the goals you want to achieve. When you think about what you would like to be recognized for in your industry, that’s where your brand values lie. Get your mission statement down. It’s not a token gesture but rather the information at the core of your brand and your name.

Know the Competition

You want to know how to protect your brand and keep it head and shoulders above a crowded market place? You need to know the competition. Go through their websites with a fine-tooth comb and make a note of the pieces of their brand identity that challenge you the most. Here you’ve got your starting point on how to make your offering stronger, better and more instantly recognizable.

Build a brand logo that is easy to differentiate and resonates with the customer. Build a brand voice that speaks straight to your client and draws them to your brand over and above your competition.

Be Brand Consistent

When you’ve found your logo and your voice keep this branding consistent throughout your website design, marketing materials and in marketing actions you take forward, including your social media and direct email delivery

Establishing your brand is one thing, now it’s time to build it up. To use your basics as building blocks towards greater brand recognition. 

There’s a crowded market place out there for many industries but that’s not to say you should be daunted by the competition. Instead use that knowledge to build your brand to be even more relevant and stand-out even further.

It’s not easy to fit all the pieces of the branding puzzle in the right places but when you do get it right, you’ll see the benefits of having taken your time and of carrying out the relevant research to hit the mark. Then it’s time to get excited as you launch your start-up, complete with a strong image and strong voice. Now you are ready to take on the world and bring quality goods and services to your customers.

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