To make it in business, you have to look for little things that give you an advantage over your competitors. Most of the time, it?s the simplest of things that have the biggest effect. Sometimes, it?s something that you never even realized would make such a difference.

As you can tell from the title, I?m talking about network security. Yes, I believe your business can see some amazing benefits with this simple thing. If you don?t believe me, then that?s fine. But, I?m ready to convince you that I?m right!

Read through this post and you?ll find some of the unbelievable ways your business benefits from network security. However, there are a couple of things to get out of the way first.

To begin, I?ll tell you what a business network is.

wired-networkA Business Network

First things first, let?s make one thing crystal clear. I?m not talking about a business network where you build up a set of contacts. That?s a different type of business network and is used for marketing purposes to grow your brand.

What I?m talking about is an IT network, setup for your business. It?s something that connects all the devices in your business to the same network. These devices will also gain access to the internet via this network. Most companies will have one set up, as it can be very valuable for them. Of course, as already stated, I?ll tell you some of the big ways your business benefits later on.

For now, think of your network as a spider's web. At the center, you have your network router, and all the other webs leading off it are your devices. You computers, servers, everything, connects to the router.You can set a network up on your own, or get a company to do it for you.

Now you know what a business network is, what about network security? Before we run through all of the benefits, you need to understand what it is. So, I?ve written a very short guide to understanding network security. You can find it down below:

Understanding Network Security

Network security may sound like a scary concept, but it?s very easy to follow. It refers to anything that?s done to protect your business network and keep your data secure. Typically, network security uses a variety of software and hardware. Some of which you can buy from any store online. You?ve probably seen antivirus and firewall software out there, right? Well, this is a type of IT cyber security. Firewall software prevents your network from being breached by unknown sources. Only those with access can get through the firewall and connect. Antivirus software is fairly self-explanatory. It prevents your network from getting any harmful viruses that can cause it to go down and lose data. You can also get firewall hardware that you can connect your network too, and it does the same job. The benefit of hardware is that your business doesn?t have to fill up storage space by downloading software on every computer.

To get network security for your business, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can buy any of the standard software/hardware that?s available. This is probably the cheapest way to go about it if money is an issue for you. If you?re willing to spend more, then you can get a tailored network security service from various companies. They have specific software for businesses, and will monitor your network at all times. It?s a complete security method, but some prefer the cheaper option.

So, now you know what a business network is, and what network security is too. Now, we can move on to the bit you?ve all been waiting for! Listed below are some of the incredible benefits of network security for your business:

ball-563972_960_720Keeps Your Network Up And Running & Improves

The obvious benefit of network security is that it keeps your business network up and running. I know this may not sound like an amazing thing, but it is! If your network is always up, then it means your employees can be far more productive. They won?t spend their days doing nothing as their computers struggle to connect to the internet. Without network security, you run the risk of frequent outages. This is normal because too many people are connecting to your network as you don?t have firewall protection. The office above you is connected and using your network as their own. Everyone?s joining in and having a blast! As a result, it becomes overloaded and drops. So, you end up in that situation where your employees can?t do any work, and the office is unproductive.


Increases Employee Collaboration

Another great benefit is that network security encourages your employees to collaborate. Their devices can communicate with one another thanks to your business network. And, when your network is secure, it means they can collab on projects. Employee collaboration is always a good thing, and let me tell you why. When people work together, they start to form friendships. If your staff are friendly with each other, then it?s good new for your business. It leads to increased levels of employee retention. No one will look to leave a job when they like everyone there and are happy to work. All of this comes from you having a secure network for them to collaborate on. If you didn?t have network security, they wouldn?t be able to do this, and you?d be missing out.

4556099850_bcd9318b5b_zBoosts Customer Confidence

Your customer can also benefit from network security. They gain confidence in knowing that you have a secure computer network. If you were running everything through a standard router that you have at home, they wouldn?t be so confident. There?s very little security with that method; they?ll feel like their data is at risk. But, with network security, you ensure that all their private information is locked away safely. No one accesses it unless you allow them too. This builds customer trust, which is essential if you want to do well.

If you didn?t believe me at the start of the piece, I bet you do now! Network security brings some amazing benefits to every business.

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