The Power Of A Business Blog

Having a blog is an essential tool for solopreneurs or small businesses to help propel their products and themselves to a higher profile. The cache attached to blogs on a small scale has many benefits, especially if there are people wanting to communicate their opinions, or to gather a small following. But, what about from the point of view of a medium or large size business? Is there any point in having one when a large company has the funds to have a flashy website or a marketing team to build a catchy campaign? Here are some ways in which a blog can give your business an edge.

Blogs can be used in two ways, internally and externally. Internal blogs serve to keep the company informed and updated on issues and is posted via the company?s intranet. External blogs are ones that are published and viewed online and so can be seen by the general public. There are pros and cons for both.

Externally, blogs work to give your company a personal touch. If you struggle to humanize your company, having a blog helps to keep readers informed on what is happening inside the company. It is a great way to convey an?understanding of your ethos, and your stance as a brand. The more personable your blog, the more warmth it gives you as a brand.

From a technical point of view, blogs are tailor-made for search engine algorithms. If your blog is on the same domain as your website, your blog will attract traffic that then can migrate to the rest of your site.

One of the best ways of using a blog is to get instant communication with is reading through posts that are critical of your current offerings, especially if other posters agree. Going through the posts for specifics and ask for clarification early will give you valuable information. But it will also show blog readers that you take complaints seriously.

If you deliver a complex technical product or service, a blog will be a great way for people who use your offerings to get quick solutions from each other.

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Internally, the communication of a blog helps to form a united front across all departments. And by using one tool to communicate with every department reduces the standard newsletter as redundant. Blogs are also a way to share expertise on specific topics and are especially useful to employees involved in technical areas that require up to date information.

Another benefit of the internal blog is that blogs are incredibly simple. It is such a basic way in which it allows staff and team members to document a project and the progress. As well as its successes and challenges, and lessons learned.

With the pros of a blog for your business, it is common sense to get one up and running. Firstly to communicate your business with a human touch, and secondly, to get your business out there!

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