If a business is anything, anything at all – it's a relationship. Every single thing that a business is built on will feature or highlight some kind of relationship. Your business and its foundations are your relationships with your original vision. The products you buy forge a relationship with a supplier. The cashier that sells these products works harder based on their relationship with the business. The customers who buy those products that your business is selling do so because of some sort of relationship. Relationships in each and every form are critical to businesses worldwide. ?If a business wants to succeed, it needs to focus on building long-lasting and fruitful relationships across the board. To simply survive? It needs to do exactly the same. The road to success is built on positive and meaningful relationships in business. The relationships forged in meetings, at the checkout, in pitches, and within a company are the relationships that build great companies and successful businesses.

At every stage of business – from the monolithic and huge monopolies, to the graduate going to his or her first job interview after University; relationships are crucial to combined, or individual, success. If an interviewee wants to succeed at an interview, they not only need to prove that they are capable of performing the tasks described, but they also need to forge some sort of relationship very quickly with the company and its proxies, the interviewers. If a company wants to get the word out about products, it will need to build a relationship with the local, or national media to ensure that the latest releases and news are documented in the media that the public consumes. Good things can only come from relationships in business.

shaking handsA business would make a huge mistake if it ignored building a winning relationship with its workforce: its employees. Relationships with employees need to be built so that the employees feel valued within the company, which could lead to an increase in productivity. If employees are unhappy, or treated unfairly – a business will suffer in the long run. Working with a HR consultancy can ensure a business is protected, but also works hard to ensure it's working by the word of the law when it comes to employees. Happy employees are worth their weight in gold, but unhappy employees might ensure the collapse of a business. You always need to do the best by your employees if you want to get anywhere in business.

A solid relationship with customers and clients leads to one great thing: repeat business. The greatest businesses across the world have one thing in common – the same customers keep going back and back. This might be the cult-like sensibilities of Apple, who succeed regardless of the product specification or it might be loyalty to a brand like Sony – these big brands are built on the same customers coming back to them and spending money. This brand loyalty is forged on successful relationships between a business and its customers.

If there's one thing that matters in business – it's how well a business can connect with others. Build relationships to build a winning business.

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