Designers more often work with the idea of being different and unique. To have a well-designed website of your company and developing something that stands out in the market can really help you in highlighting your name and individuality. However, not every new and rare design or variation can go viral, and it is not always necessary that it clicks in the eyes of viewers.

Let's look back at some outstanding designs that were used in 2019 and have outshined all the previous trends.

  1. Video Background

Today an increasing number of users determine to trust your business through your website, and Video Background has developed a widespread tendency to establish a positive and descriptive image. Delivering your purpose to the audience and capture their attention through a visual medium has always worked more effectively than a static version.

Background videos make the design of the site unusual and modern, which makes the viewer understand your message and it leads to increased involvement.

In this passing year of 2019, with the increasing proficient engagement of clients and profitable outcome, many companies have included the video backgrounds on their websites and landing pages. Companies such as 


They have developed some slick video backgrounds that attract the visitor within a few seconds of their visit.

  1. CSS Grid

Many big brands have started to use this design on their websites, and it is gradually coming into the spotlight. This design is expected to become a go-to layout very soon in the coming years and is usually used in product categories, image galleries, and portfolios.

The designers have also come up with a symmetrical layout of CSS Grid that is now known as a Broken Grid design. This design helps you set your text and image both horizontally and vertically.

Now, how cool is that!

In general, this design format allows you to be creative with your design, bring some variations according to your unique taste and ideas, and it is optimized for user interface design. So, if you are planning to develop a new site, you should definitely check it out.

You can also get a dynamic layout for yourself, some of the coolest ones that I think you should have a look at are:

  1. Typography-based Layouts

This has become the most popular design for every other website. This design is seen to be used by various brands on their website and has reached the top on every trending list. Whether you want to use loud, messy, outlined, quirky fonts or if you want to give your website a minimalist or quirky look. Typography-based Layouts are the best way to set the mood of your site.

The use of large fonts is guiding the audience to wrap their head around business ideas in an instant. Despite being less engaging then a video design layout, Typography can extensively offer a concise way of describing your message and is considered more functional.

You can also see trending fonts and their combinations with the design layouts. However, you can use all the best design and font to attract you clients, but the crux of making it to the top does not rely on the type of font you using, it is the words that you have created to convey it to the audience through these designs.

Some of the fantastic looks that we have come across so far in typography-based layouts can be seen below:

  1. Micro Interactions

For some reason, micro-interactions in a website always attract the visitor. Adding animation in your images, products, headers, or icons can give a user a pleasant experience on your website and make them feel that you are highly responsive.

Whenever a user refreshes their Snapchat, a Twitter feed, or press that thumbs up icon on Facebook Messenger, they hear a sound. That sound is a micro-interaction. These interactions can refresh a visitor's mind, and by receiving these playful responses, they can engage in exploring your website, which can help you in building your image and increase your profitability.

Few Final Takeaways

These were the top four trends that hit the sky in the year of 2019, and we are also expecting to have some more designs that will revolve around by the end of the year.

If you are looking to design a website that is inspired by the new trends, you can definitely pick up this four trends and give your website an up notch. Don’t forget to explore more ideas and come up with your own unique designs because remember, 

“Thinking out of the box is always trendy.”

Let us know your ideas and enjoy all the new trends!

Mariam Muzaffar is a thoughtful content writer at PennySaviour. She is also a business enthusiast. She has written various pieces related to the field of IT, health and care, fashion, entertainment, and so on. She considers herself an explorer who wants to write about every new thing she learns in her adventurous ride. Her zeal for authenticity and variation makes her content unique and allows her audience to have a bona fide experience.

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