Every local business has a local rival. If you find yourself lagging behind this rival, then now is the time to take concrete action and turn things around. There is nothing stopping you from getting the edge over that rival if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to do so. Here are some easy ways that are sure to have your business outselling its rival in no time.

price-tag-374396_960_720Host an In-store Event and Slash Prices for a Day

One big event can attract a lot of new people to your business who would not have considered buying from it before. This is something that you should aim to make the most of when you run a business and want to get an edge. You can easily slash prices for one day, and this will attract new people. Combine it with some kind of in-store event, and you will have the store packed in no time. The thing you need to do is attract lots of people and then hope that as many of them as possible come back in the future. If they like the experience and what they buy, this should happen.

Rank Higher on Search Engines

Search engine ranking matters, even when you are trying to beat the store down the road. When people are looking for a business to buy from, they will often search for them online too. And if they?re looking for the options in the local area, they will be presented with various search results. As we know, people tend to click the link that is ranked highest first. So, you want to improve your search engine optimisation and ensure that your website can rank as high as possible. The Chatmeter Platform can help you to do this.


Build a Stronger Team

The strength of your team can be very important as well. When people enter a store, they have to meet the team of people you employ. If that team is too small or not helpful enough, then making a sale becomes harder. To be clear, it?s not about pouncing on browsing customers and giving them the hard sell. This can be very off-putting and will often fail. Instead, you just need to train your employees to know when to offer help and assistance to a customer and when to back off. You should also make sure that you have enough people to make the checkout process quick.

Emphasise a Quality Edge


People want to buy quality. It?s not just about prices. If people wanted the lowest prices, then businesses would be in a constant race to the bottom. Although good pricing is important, people tend to care about value for money more. So, if people think that they are getting good value for a product, they might be willing to pay a little more. This is why you should emphasise the quality edge you have over your main rival. This would mean that you could sell to people based on the fact that they know that you offer better value than the rival.

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