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Once you have got off the ground with your blog, where do you go next? Because there are so many different strategies out there to take on board not just with regards to the art of blogging, but also driving traffic, the question soon comes, “how can I monetize my blog?” Because so many of us are now looking for a way into earning money from our blog that we have to hit the ground running. And because starting a blog means that we want people to see what we have to say this means that we've got to find approaches to market our blog and now it seems that anybody coming up through the ranks already has a firm grasp on marketing. But for those people to have no idea where to begin what are the ways to monetize your blog?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods because if you don't have your own products to sell all you need to do is develop content that links to specific products that are already out there. Because there are so many types of affiliate marketing programs it can be a minefield to navigate. This Legendary Marketer review is one approach of many but it's important to note that when you are looking for the right affiliate program that it does link in with the type of products that you are passionate about and is inherently linked to your blog. There is no point in having links to fitness equipment when your blog is all about the travel lifestyle. You must remember that with the content that you're creating the products should be seamless.

Selling Ebooks

While the best ebooks are the ones you create yourself this means that it can take a while to create this product that resonates with your readers. Ebooks can provide a quick pathway to monetizing your blog just as long as you create the right type. Non-fiction ebooks are quite straightforward to create because they don't necessarily require excessive planning like a novel would but you're also teaching people skills that they can use. Promoting your ebook through the blog is easier when you create attractive content. And then by building a sales funnel you can then start to sell your ebook in a more automatic fashion which will result in more effective passive income.

Selling Digital Products

At the same time, you can sell digital products of a similar ilk to ebooks. It seems that many bloggers sell ebooks because it's that right balance of weighty content at a cost that isn't too excessive. But there are other digital products that you can sell such as videos, PDFs, and software. At the same time, you can also sell your expertise via coaching. The great thing about being a coach is that you can charge a lot of money for an hour-long session. But it's important that you diversify your efforts and provide packages that are able to cater to various types of customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the older approaches but it's still very effective, just as long as you have a list to begin with. There are many email marketing platforms out there that can help get you started but it's a chicken and egg situation where you need to already have the followers in place so you can start to build a strong connection with the readers by marketing your product through them.


Many bloggers go for the PPC approach but this only works if you have huge volumes of traffic, approximately 10,000 visitors or more every day, and even then the income will be minimal. You could negotiate with advertisers directly and use display ads rather than PPC adverts. Again, this is to do with making sure the product is within your specific niche. Because PPC is an expense up front you need to cross the 100,000 visitor threshold to make any significant profit. It's always worth contacting the advertisers especially if they are looking to push your specific product.

Monetizing your blog isn't a megabucks operation at the outset, and as everybody is looking to monetize their blog it's all about finding the niche approaches that suit the brand you're trying to build. Because there are so many different streams of income it's important to remember that you undertake the relevant research to ensure that you are staying true to your blog and your brand. If you want to start monetizing your blog you have to treat it like it's a business.

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