For selling and branding of their products, online merchants have left no stone unturned. Especially, while e-commerce trends have been growing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, consumers have adopted the online buying method rather than going to brick-and-mortar stores.

To better reach out to more customers, retailers have employed “What you see is what you get” philosophy. The aesthetics of website design is as important as its functioning. Today, we are going to discuss some of the E-commerce website design tips that can actually generate more traffic and conversions to your online store & best web design course.

So to turn on the online store into a profit-making machine, here are some of the E-commerce design trends 2018 for your online store.

  • Attractive Material Design:

By using, Material Design (a design language) which is introduced by Google in 2014, one can enhance the aesthetics of a website by incorporating padding, depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Materials designs make more liberal use of grid-based layouts and responsive animations and transitions.

Due to eye-catching layouts and design, Material designing is useful for appealing more store visitors. It is involved in retaining visitors, which helps increasing store level activity. For this reason, material designing go long way in brand recalls and helps generate brand awareness. More importantly, attractive material design aids to augment the E-commerce sales.

This e-commerce website design tip can help you attract more potential customers. ?

  • Card UI Layouts:

As a key element of a material design, card-based UI layouts look fashionable and attractive. What is more encouraging is an implementation of these card layouts in their core design by leading social media app Pinterest!

Card layouts are also used in building content in a neatly-organized manner. As a result, visitors can read and browse the content easily. This ultimately simplifies visitors? decision-making process and they can get information about related products. ????

Card layouts are being widely adopted because of three reasons; its responsiveness, readability, and fitting proper into the latest social media friendly store layouts. The cards help you to simplify arranging and rearranging the content on the pages and improve the loading of page faster across the store.

Therefore, material design and card UI layouts are one of the best E-commerce website design tips.

  • Incorporate videos:

We know that, a video is a highly effective communication system. It conveys more information to store visitors by just one glance. Integration of videos in E-commerce website design facilitates users to share it on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. ?

As a split between an actual video and GIF, integrated video plays instantly as the page loads and establishes your brand's look and feel. By adding a video of a man wearing a shirt on a product page for shirts can actually help store visitors to visualize how a product would fit them. It's yet another way to drive conversions.

  • Minimal menus:

If you sell a large variety of products then you must find a way to sort out your products so that it is clearly visible. Store visitor can always go further and dive deeply into the specific section for more products.

Firstly, your Ecommerce website design needs to be engaging and enjoyable so that visitors can spend more time on the site. ?For that, website design should be less scattered than expansive. A less messy menu gives visitors a good impression of the site. Moreover, oversized menus are an even bigger issue while using mobile phones. A menu which covers the whole smartphone screen irritates the customers which in turn affect the traffic and e-commerce sales.

So, by using these e-commerce website design tips you can avoid such mistakes to have a better faith of visitor on your website.

  • Product page as Landing page:

Have you ever wondered why Apple store's landing page is spellbindingly attractive? It contains all the required elements to appeal to the vast number of visitors; stylish navigation layout, catchy product description, lucid product photography, and strong call-to-action.

Now, online stores are catching customer's attention by making the product page as a landing page.

As the customer lands on a product page he is mesmerized by the detailed and vivid photographs, which keeps him attached to the store. Eye-catching call-to-action is well placed so that it attracts the visitor to click and become the proud owner of the product. Therefore, by using these E-commerce website design tips, online store owners can increase their conversion rate.

  • Large Font size and Image background:

There has been ascending trends of using larger font and background in the online store.

Fonts and background are so nicely placed on the website so that visitors can simply browse their product and buy it easily. Additionally, E-commerce stores use real product photography instead of using edited photography. Therefore, it is a more engaging experience for users. The practice of displaying people using the product has set a trend. There are many advantages of using real photos and background. Actual photos give a product the authenticity and gain the trust of visitors. ??

  • Encouraging In-store pick-up:

This approach doesn't work for every online retailer since not everyone has brick-and-mortar stores. Although, people prefer to get the products faster than ever before, and buy online, in-store pick-up works toward that aim. It describes why customers use this option than ever before.

Retailers are using this option by showing inventory at nearby stores on their product description page. It has become the center of attention for the companies having physical stores nearby, which in turn has given benefits to customers as well as businesses. Encouraging in-store pick-up will also increase B2C E-commerce sales. Hence, you should focus on this option while considering e-commerce website design tips. ???

  • Adaption:

Device independence and content adaption have grown rapidly in past few years. Device independence refers to the goal of having a single web that is accessible from any of the devices.

Adapting to any device of websites is not a new thing. It would become more fascinating if it can be made to adapt to the user themselves. For instance, based on the user?s age and visual sensitivity, the website could reorganize itself to include larger and important elements.

  • Knolling:

Nowadays, a new trend in e-commerce store has arrived. The concept called “knolling”, in which all the products which are identical in the category are placed in a symmetrical way. After that, the photo has been taken from the top of them. This process of knolling attracts visitor?s attention and improves conversion rates.


To keep on improving the design of your E-commerce website is very imperative in this cut-throat competition of online marketing. Even more important is to make it visible to more visitors, thus by having a great and unique design which increases your e-commerce sales growth and conversion-rate; we hope that above-furnished e-commerce website design tips will help you get a toehold in the e-commerce market. Also remember to hire a good e-commerce development company, which has a fair amount of experience in e-commerce website design and mobile app design for e-commerce stores.

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