Aspirant Graphic Designers are not required to have a professional degree to create astonishing designs. What matters the most is a great mind to work as a graphic designer and some technical knowledge. Thus, it does not matter whether you have a professional degree or not. Here are some tips if one wishes to work as a graphic designer.

  1. Add Flavour through the Color Palette

Colors have a major role in enhancing the design. Using different color patterns as per the requirement can have a positive impact on the audience. You can choose a color palette of your own choice by using Color Hunt and Colors. They allow you to choose your color palette just by adding the hex code for the colors required. These sites are popular among Graphic Designers in Chennai.

  1. Don't get entangled with the Fonts.

Making a design understandable for the audience is the main objective as a designer. Using various fonts in a single design can extract beauty and aesthetics from it. You can go for one or two typefaces, which makes it pleasing to the eye of the audience and can be understood easily. Messing up with different fonts for different content can pose a threat to the design.

  1. Use Your Creativity

Being a designer requires innate creativity. Thus, bring out all your creativity to your design and at the same time keeping a distance from trending design patterns. Furthermore, explore all the design tools and options available with you at a given time. All of this can be achieved by using good color patterns, having a simple approach to the text and majorly as per your style rather than having a look at others.

  1. The Composition as a Focal Point

Any design or image is created to reveal a story behind it. Arrange your content as well as images used in the graphic design to allow the audience to have a clear look at it. The composition can be altered using different elements of graphic design like the proper placing of text, using colors to add warmth and adding large text.

  1. Stick to simplicity

Simplicity in designing terms means using basic elements and not creating a mess by adding irrelevant matter. Non-designers often fear of leaving blank spaces which forces them to add irrelevant content.

In fact, leaving some white space can enhance the beauty of the design. Mobile companies follow this pattern while crafting banners for advertising. Graphic Designers in Chennai focus on using blank space to enrich their company’s design. Rather, they are specially taught about the worth of having blank space in graphic design. This way, attention is mostly on the generated content.

  1. Contrast: A Key to Every Lock

Contrast is an unavoidable element in graphic design. It creates an indelible impact over the audience for it reflects either positive or negative theme behind the design. Contrasting designs can be generated using filters or following basic color patterns, like a bright background is followed by dark font or using Canva and Moose to add contrast.

  1. Have Symmetry to the Design

Symmetrical work is often pleasing to see and is a great option to adorn your graphic design. You can adjust the elements in the design in a symmetrical pattern. It brings balance to the elements laid out in the design.

  1. Ensure Consistency with the Images

While creating a graphic, it is required to be consistent with the quality frames, colors, and proportions used. It ensures that the theme behind the design is highlighted.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Top Graphic Design, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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