The goal of any dating app is to find a suitable match based on one’s interests, values, and preferences, and different dating apps use different approaches to achieve that. While some apps are more overt with the expression of intentions, others use algorithms based on your profile to come up with the best possible matches.

Still others take an entirely different route and come up with creative and innovative ideas like taking a personality test, or sharing movie likes or simply hooking up with people you walk past in the street. So, what’s so different about Tastebuds?

About Tastebuds

Founded by Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan in 2010, Tastebuds is social networking website with a location-based iOS dating app that matches people based on their musical tastes. The app can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and your computer with a simple sign up process. Tastebuds has recently acquired Moosify- a yet another dating app based on music bringing along 100,000 users with it.

Wondering, why a music-based dating app

Music is a universal language understood by one and all. Whether you’re at a disc, a birthday party, an event or a wedding, music plays an integral part in creating the right ambiance and offers a great starting point when meeting someone new.

Studies have shown that people affiliate musical taste withholding certain values, and Tastebuds simply taps this power to offer you a common ground to begin the conversation. It acts as a brilliant ice-breaker offering information about someone’s personality in a subtle yet personal way. Hence, your choice of music offers others a little taster of who you are avoiding the awkward small talk.

How can music be shared for dating purposes

The success of Tastebuds can be linked to its unique focus on music and its continuous efforts to add new ways to share music and connect with people.

Tastebuds helps discover what other users with similar interests are listening to and has features like sending your match a mixed tape or appreciating their music taste. It also uses location and suggests matches near you. Users can also view how many common artists they have with others.

In 2012, Tastebuds launched a Spotify app helping users to share tracks and playlists with new people on the music-streaming service.

To access music on the website, Tastebuds offers a Youtube powered radio button to listen to the songs posted by other users with similar music taste and to check out their profiles. Users can send a song to someone to begin the conversation. When looking for matches, users can also manually input their favorite bands. Is that all?

There’s something more to Tastebuds

The best part of this dating app is that ‘dating’ here is not a necessary evil. The app can simply help you socialize and meet people with similar tastes. You can even simply explore new music, find concert buddies or friends, and the app is FREE to use and join. Contact us if you want to create a mobile app like Tastebuds.


Tastebuds believes that meeting new people through music has the potential to mark the beginning of a long-term relationship. It’s a free-to-use location-based dating app that matches people based on their music interests and comes with a few monthly premium plans with additional features. With an easy sign-up process, the app’s user interface is cool and relaxed without posing any dating compulsions, letting you simply explore and make new friends.

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