Your finances are now in one place

Your finances are now in one place

Mint allows you to view all of your banking and credit card transactions side-by-side, making identifying all of your transactions much easier and fastebr than ever before.

How does this help you? We make it easy for you to track down erroneous charges or bank fees, and keep a closer eye on your money.

Mint even lets you label your transactions so you know what bills you need to split with your friends or roommates, know which ones need to be reimbursed for your company, and more.

Your automatically up-to-date

Mint works by connecting to the banks and credit card companies you use in your daily life. We support 3,000 US banks and credit card companies.

Once an account is added, Mint automatically keeps it balanced and up-to-date forever.

What does this mean to you? Your transactions and balances are all in one place, and we alert you if anything looks not quite right in any of them, saving you time and hassle.