Take Advantage of the Mobile Marketplace with WPTouch

More people are accessing the Web with mobile devices and iPads than with their computers. Since the average website doesn?t appear correctly on many mobile devices, those who want to take advantage of the mobile market need a website that?s compatible with mobile devices.

That?s where WPtouch can help. It?s a plugin for the popular WordPress platform that creates a complete version of a company?s website. Those with an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Samsung and Palm OS can easily view the sites.

WPtouch versions operate independently of the desktop version, though visitors can switch back to the desktop theme if they want. Completely separate versions of a business website can be created that offers the functionality and features of any typical website. The difference is that the WPtouch versions are designed with mobile devices in mind.

The plugin allows users to customize mobile websites with their choice of fonts, colors, logos and other elements. Features that may not be wanted, such as categories, tags and author names can be turned off. Users have full control over what to show and what to hide. Those who choose to purchase a WPtouch Developer License can add custom themes.

Users can choose four affordable purchase levels, Basic, Pro Single, Pro 5 Pack and Pro Developer. The basic package is just that, while the Pro Single and Pro 5 Pack come with most of the features of Pro Developer. For full customization, support and features, Pro Developer is the way to go, with over 200 more features than the basic package.

Depending on the package selected, users can upgrade, obtain forum support and documentation, along with new themes that ship, template PSDs and resources. It supports nine languages, and Adsense, Admob and custom ads. Statistic codes and a basic template are included.

Users have access to admin features for custom icons and sets, drag and drop and custom themes. WPtouch allows users to create sites as Web apps and multi-level menus. The plugin allows for inline replies and threaded comments, and includes social networking integration.

WPtouch for iPad contains all the features and functionality available for other mobile devices. The plugin is modeled on the features of the iPad, allowing visitors to know instantly how to navigate and it includes touch and scroll capabilities.

WPtouch offers an array of customizable features for creating mobile websites that rival those of desktop websites. Full functionality is included and the plugin works with popular ad platforms. WPtouch provides users with the tools to create fully featured websites for anyone who wants to take advantage of the highly lucrative mobile marketplace.

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