Getting Started As a Webmaster Lesson2

Once you have your domain name & hosting hopefully with the best hosting out there HostGator you need to get CMS known as ?Content Management System? there are numerous CMS out there you have to find one that fits you I started off with Xoops was pretty cool CMS software but then I finally moved to word press then I was in heaven best CMS by far tons of customizable themes & tons of plug-in. WordPress is very user friendly easy to learn for any beginner webmaster. With WordPress you can make blog into full website not just blog with all these tools at your fingertips can?t go wrong with the ultimate CMS software.

Step 1: With Hostgator you can easily install WordPress either manually via ftp or automatically using Fantastico.

Once your in cpanel find the Fantastico: link once inside you will see list of CMS software you can install click WordPress on the left hand side then find your domain in the drop down menu then fill in site info & Fantastico will do the rest including database tables ECT at the end you can send your self email showing everything that was done.

Step 2: Login with the username and password you provided & look around go to appearance tab find themes you like click add new if you have zip file of theme you really want or you can use the search option to find just the right theme you want.

Step 3: Find plug-in that will benefit your website. Once logged into your dashboard go to plug-in add new & find the all-in-one-seo awesome seo plug-in tool I also recommend Google site map plug-in so your site can easily get crawled by Google spiders. Last but not least be sure to check out the popular plug-in lots of developers have put a lot of time & hard work to make WordPress the best.

To your success I hope WordPress will benefit you and your website or blog.