LP Jumper Landing Page Rotation Plugin For WordPress

LP Jumper is a fast and simple way to split test multiple landing pages with just a mouse click. LP Jumper uses the current themes within your WordPress CMS platform and rotates them all via a percentage base. The simple user interface will get you up and running in under 5 minutes.

There is no programming needed. All you have to do is upload and activate. It's Easy, Quick, and Fast! By using the WordPress powerful plugin system, you can easily distribute LP after LP after LP with just one source of traffic. This gives you a better chance to leverage the traffic and find out which LP is performing better or worst. LP Jumper uses the power of WordPress to give you the results you've been seeking!

Imagine Having the Ability to:

  • Rotate Multiple Landing Pages from?One Traffic Source
  • Find Out How Many Times the Specific Landing Page was viewed
  • Give Specific Priority to a Landing Page base on its Performance
  • Ability to Test your Current Landing Page Layout with Different Color Variations
  • Easily Create?One Campaign and Utilize?One Traffic Source to Test
Imagine using ONE source of traffic to determine what style landing page converts
Imagine just using ONE link to split test multiple designs and layouts!

I have shown you the?potential …..
The rest is up to you!


To Your Success,

Nick Throlson