3 Great Applications every Laptop Owner Must Have

Having a laptop computer can be great due to the speed, flexibility and portability it offers and that no doubt explain why more and more people are buying a laptop computer every day.

The fun in having a laptop isn't just in having a laptop, it is in making effective use of it, it is in having the right applications installed and it is in doing the best to enjoy your laptop. Based on my research and experience below are 3 great applications every laptop owner must have installed on his/her laptop.


We live in a more advanced world today where a lot of things that could never have been dreamt of decades ago are starting to happen. Our technology keeps on increasing and it becomes easier for us to get things done. The problem with this is that with every new solution comes a new problem and with every development comes a challenge.

There are now thieves and looters in today's world especially since technology is making it extremely easy for them to do their evil task.

Instead of having to worry about spending your hard earned money on insurance for your laptop you can easily secure it by installing a tracking application on it. One such application is the Prey application that makes it easy to track and locate your laptop wherever it is.

With the prey application all you need to do is register an account on the prey website, download and install the prey software on your computer and configure it with your details. If your laptop gets lost or stolen you can easily report it on the prey website and the tracking will be activated.

The prey application also has a lot of features including the ability to track the current location of the laptop, the ability to use the webcam of the laptop to take screen-shots around it and the ability to display logs of where your laptop was last used.

Open Office

The Open Office software is an application I recommend to every laptop owner and it is also a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It has a lot of great features like the Word feature, the spreadsheet feature and many other features you can get with Microsoft Office.

Another great thing about Open Office is that it makes formatting your word documents extremely easy and it also has a feature that makes it extremely easy for you to turn any file into a pdf file with the click of a button.


The final application on this list is the WinRar application. If you use your laptop regularly and you download files and attachments from the internet regularly then there is every probability you will be dealing with zip and rar files. While the default windows operating system can open a zip file it doesn?t have the capability to open rar files and the Winrar application makes this extremely easy. Another thing about winrar is that it presents your files to you in an organized way and it also makes it easy for you to choose where you want your files to be extracted to.

This guest post is written by Paul T who helps people find free laptop deals.