YesIGotMilk Sued?

I want everyone to be aware of is being sued. My best friend Cesar Cabrera is being sued by “GotMilk” check out his whole story below/ Its sad to see big company's trying to get every penny they can out of the little man. The big question I have is this world becoming for example: I will sue you over a name of a website LOL Come one where is our freedom. I love USA but dam if we have an idea & we want to peruse it we have every right as anyone else does. Not to be threatened by a lawyer. Let me know what you think if you can pass it on get the word out were not going to give in we think yesigotmilk was a great idea & well thought out by Cesar. I will stand by him to make sure he get every penny he deserves for this redicoulous Law Suit.

As some of you know i just got into the website developing business, which can bring in a lot of money if you are smart, which I am. The first domain or .com I ever bought was “” The idea for this domain was to have people (COUPLES, FAMILIES, GROUP OF FRIENDS, ETC) upload their pictures showing their own little milk moustache… which i thought would be a good idea, because it would be nice, and funny to see other people's pictures and showing your own to everyone around the world. That was the main idea of my site– something people i asked around also thought would be in a way cute, and fun. Apparently the CMPB not knowing anything about the purpose of my site, didn't like the idea of my domain name, because it includes the words “got” and “milk” in it. This morning i was going through my mail and i found a letter from this very fancy law-firm… i will not mention the name of the firm because they just might not like me doing so… So I open this fancy envelope and well that's how i found out about the law-suit.
They have nicely given me until the 9th of next month March to “immediately de-activate the domain name ‘yes ig got milk'” and also show proof of cancellation. Which i think sucks very much because i was excited about my idea… and so I'm posting this note for everyone to know about it because i think the whole thing is pretty funny, and also I am going to try to keep my domain, “”, By contacting them this Monday, since they don't work on weekends, of course having so much money who would. I will let you all know how everything goes sometime next week… wish me luck i guess. Also let me know what you think about the Idea!!!
PS: all those who are my friends on here should post your pictures once the site is up and running, and for more details visit
Yes I got milk! you got milk?