4 Startup-Friendly Spots around the Globe You Should Know About

4 Startup-Friendly Spots around the Globe You Should Know About

First things first, think about who is your target audience. Wisely analyzing even the slightest details is crucial when building a start up at certain destination to make it good for the business. The fact is – if you know exactly what you want to build, with right preparation, you can easily do it at any location. The following destinations are great places to start developing your own business so take a look, find what suits you, what is needed for your start up, and just go for it!

Do your homework. Depending on your needs make a list of thing you are searching for and that are necessary for your start up, and do your research. Go through these examples and tips, compare them to your list of needs and write down the pros and cons. It can help you decide if you are ready to turn your life upside down and move to a whole new country but unsure of the exact location.


ChinaChina is the world?s most populous country and second largest state by land area, which can be a bit difficult for making a breakthrough start up. But it can also be great for adventure seekers ready to make an all-out effort and the ones who love the difficulty of the task. It is challenging but it can give you much more joy after achieving you goal and starting up your business in China. Besides, if you are fond of Asian culture and their way of life, this change can be inspirational and fulfilling. Plus the food is awesome!


Imagine owning a small Parisian caf?. Having the opportunity to enjoy the smell of fresh cup of espresso mixed with the smell of breakfast croissant every morning from your own venue in a place that you've always wanted to live in. Imagine spending your free time exploring the city of your dreams, feeling like a tourist but still being a part of this wonderful society. If starting business in France was your dream and you are ready to finally make it happen then it is great news for you that since 2015 France has made it easier for foreigners to set up a business in a city of choice. So read through forums and see what others are saying about this topic to help you decide. And start making your dreams comes true!


Phi Phi Islands Thailand It is a great idea to visit the country first if you are planning to star your business there. There are many amazing hotel deals that you can choose from before coming to see the Thailand and discover it?s stunning beauty. That way you can see first hand if it really meets your needs to build a startup and make a living. Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast therefore the possibilities are endless if it matches your targeted audience and can fulfil the demands of your plans. Be prepared to experience something completely new and unexpected but make sure that you have though about it thoroughly and that you will not give up as soon as you find a bump in the road. If creating your own business in this exotic country was your plan since you can remember then just go ahead and make that first step.


Germany is the perfect country where you can put an excellent business idea into practice.The German infrastructure will make it easy for you to start as long as you are certain that you've done a good research of the needs for you new line of work. The positive economical climate makes this country start up friendly and not only you will be efficient but also enjoy building it. As an entrepreneur you are well aware of the fact that the progress of a country gives you good grounds to start developing your ideas. The capital of Germany, Berlin, a vibrant city is a appreciable place to make a great base to operate from. It evolved to one of the Europe's friendliest start up hubs. You should consider putting an effort into planning and researching Berlin for your future business development.

Well, now that you have seen these options, and compared them with your list of needs and wishes, all you have to do is make a decision. Pick a place, don?t think too much, you have been preparing yourself to take this step your whole life. Sometimes all you need is a little push and this is it! Put your words into action and start packing your suitcases!

Life Of A Digital Nomad: Sounds Amazing, But Is It Right For You?

Life Of A Digital Nomad: Sounds Amazing, But Is It Right For You?

The very idea not having to go to the office every day is exciting for almost anyone. Also, you will often hear people explaining that work at home but not be such a great idea after all. But what about working remotely from anywhere? This type of work is being popular by the day and many psychologists believe that is actually quite beneficial since it lets you do your job from any part of the world. This digital nomad lifestyle sure sounds wonderful, and even perfect, but before you decide it?s the perfect way for you, make sure you?ve taken into consideration all that comes with it.

If you don?t take this manner of working seriously, your performance will suffer and you may lose the job altogether. That?s why you should have a look at these several factors important for any digital nomad and figure out if they?re right for you.

  1. No close attachments

Being digital nomad doesn?t mean you have to travel all the time, but you won?t be spending a long time in one place either to build any close relationships. Sometimes you might feel lonely and you have to be prepared to feel alone too, but you?ll also meet a lot of new people and that experience can trump that. At least to some extent. However, there are many ways to stay in touch with your family and friends back home via Skype or any other apps and similar software.

After all, there is always a chance that you'll like someplace so much that you decide to stay there and grow roots. And nothing like that would be possible unless you take a leap of fate.

  1. Be flexible

You can't be a digital nomad and hate surprises and unpredictability. If you decide to work on the road, you have to accept the fact that you can't control your environment 100%. Anything can happen to rattle your cage, from the Internet being bad or non-existent to your laptop being stolen. These are the worst case scenarios of course but are known to happen to digital nomads before. The best way to deal with these types of possibilities is to have a backup plan what to do if it ever comes to them.

It may not be what you want to hear, but the job is the most important element in those situations so securing that it?s not affected by this misfortune is your priority. So if you can accept that and not stress over the mere possibility of being exposed to these unnerving situations, you?re good to go.

  1. No working hours

Working remotely is usually a freelancing job, although sometimes it may be the case of having the exact working hours even though you're in the different time zone. As a freelancer, you have to prepared to work even during the weekends, more than 8-hours a day and during times when everyone else is enjoying the sun on the gorgeous beach. This is something that won't happen all the time, but it can come to having to choose between fun and work. If you can't choose the job as your priority, then it?s better not to tempt yourself with exotic and inviting landscapes at all.

Or you can just make a compromise and choose a similarly nice spot which can be good for work and fun during the breaks.

  1. Always on the road

Since you?ll be always travelling, you will have to be very efficient about what you take with you on the road. First and foremost, rent boxes for moving and relocation and pack all your valuable and important belongings. That way you can leave them in a safe place and not worry about them, or even think about carrying them with you. You?ll have to be ready to wash your clothes by hand or wear the same thing several times. When you?re a digital nomad, it?s all about the work and travelling, and little things like makeup and fancy clothes may have to go.

Of course, you can always buy some in the new place, or borrow something from a new friend. But being rid of material attachments is something you have to learn and live by while on the digital nomad lifestyle.

  1. You already have a job

This one is really important and will determine if you can be a digital nomad or not. Before you start working and travelling, you already must have a client. Going on the road without an employer is not only foolish but can cause a lot of financial and existential trouble. One secure source of income is mandatory so you can pay for the adventure, and attaining more during the travelling is advisable. The whole point of digital nomad lifestyle is based on you working remotely for at least one client, and not having that will only be financially challenging and irresponsible.

Final thoughts

Being prepared is not something easily done when you're a digital nomad, but you can prevent some inconveniences from happening with avoiding small places since they tend to have a problem with the Internet connection and fewer visitors. Also, organize your daily tasks and fun time so you'll avoid procrastination ? the biggest enemy of all freelancers. If you're unsure of any aspects related to the digital nomad lifestyle, consider working from your home office or sticking to your regular desk job.

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