Three Things You Should Avoid Doing as a Blogger

As a blogger, you are always on the look-out for things to do in order to taste a rapid increase in growth. This is a very typical gesture of someone looking for success. ?But the fact remains that there are many things you are not doing to the fullest. However, let?s focus on what you are doing which you are not supposed to do.

Those are the things A-list bloggers and success-aspiring bloggers want to avoid doing. They are the things that may undermine your efforts in turning your small blog into a big blog that every new blogger wants his or her blog become.

If you are a blogger dreaming to become the next Problogger, let me share those things you should avoid like pest with you in this article.

Living off other bloggers? efforts

Relying on people?s efforts is one of the easiest ways to dwindle as a blogger. If you have other important works doing that require that others fill your position in your blog, you shouldn?t use guest bloggers or rely on another blogger for that. The best thing to do in that situation is hire writers for your blog. Presently, I hire some writers to keep my weight watchers discount and ediets coupons blog updated for me, but that doesn?t mean I do not put my efforts in it.

A lot of bloggers leave their blogs for guest writers and before a long period of time, their blog will lose its personality. Readers are reading your blog because they want to see things in your own light, if you can?t give this to them, they are off.

Being Discourteous to Guests

Honoring guest bloggers on your blog is one of the smartest ways to make your blog taste a rapid growth. There are many reasons for this: when a guest blogger contributes for your blog, you have an extra article on your blog without stress. The guest blogger will share his article on other sites ? which means he?s also sharing your blog. These and many more is the reason you should avoid making your guests uncomfortable on your blog.

While you have to limit the rate of guest posts you allow on your blog, you shouldn?t disrespect anybody that wants to contribute to your site if you are not going to accept his article ? many people do this (writing guest posts) out of good will and not only for the sake of backlinks.

Ignoring SEO

A lot of bloggers know the benefits of search engine optimization or SEO on their blogs. Getting your blog to rank in the top of search engines for competitive keywords can help you attract an eye-dropping amount of visitors to your blog.

But many bloggers have blatantly ignored SEO for their blogs and they fail to find out that their blog is suffering because of that. Imagine the amount of keywords your blog could rank for in search engines if you pay careful attention to SEO.


Avoid doing the things that are shared in this article and focus more on building a better blog by doing SEO and using Social Media to promote your blog and you?ll see your blog grow bigger.


John Edget is a blogger from coupon blog where he shares tips on getting latest discount coupons for weight watchers and ediets. He is giving away weight watchers online coupon code and ediet coupon on his blog.