Top 10 Must Have Ingredients for Web Developer

Top 10 Must Have Ingredients for Web Developer

A web developer needs to understand how to create magic and productivity in his web development process. These magic make the workflow of a web designer time-efficient and better result oriented. However, there are no hard and fast rules for creating flow but there is some prerequisite that can smooth progress of work.

Here I have taken views from the various developer and try to collect top 10 ingredients for a web developer. For better convenience here, I have divided the list into three categories like tools for a) UI & UX (user interface) b) SEO (on page guideline) and c) Content Placement, respectively.

A) UI & UX (user interface)

A web developer builds a user interface that should have optimum user experience of looking good, as well as it is productive in its usability. These qualities are built with four important stages, which are persona Definition, Task Definition, Wireframing, and Mockups.

  1. Persona: Persona of a website is agreed by its outlook and receptiveness. It also contains the quality of the website so that it resonates with visitors, kindles more content sharing, and transforms more email subscribers, donors, and volunteers in sales prospects.
  1. Task Definition: The next stage in the UI/UX Web design phase is the task definition phase. Task definition is commonly performed in combination with the user persona phase.
  1. Wireframing: It is part of the UI/UX Web design procedure as it shapes the first graphic representation of the ideas considered. Wireframing allows web designers to interpret their views and thoughts into a graphic interface.
  1. Mockups can be measured as a communicating version of the wireframe that comes with all the colors, graphics special effects added. Mockups are the closest form to the real Web page layout and content seen by the users when the website gets live.


People think SEO is an easy task, but in the real world, it?s not like that. ?It consists with lots of activities that and techniques. However, it is not possible as a web developer to do whole SEO but they can focus on some core activities while developing a website. So here we are going to cover some prerequisite that can help them to cover basic SEO.

  1. URL Structure: Including search engine, friendly URLs for each of web pages is highly followed in on-page SEO, as these bring good crawling. Shorter URLs seem to accomplish better in search engine results, however; there are exceptions to this rule.
  2. Create sitemap: You can create both sitemaps (HTML and XML). HTML is user and XML is used by Google or another search engine. So try to upload basic sitemap and structurize it the proper way.
  1. Technical SEO: This involves the elements of a page that the user can?t see without looking at the source code of the website. Some of them are site speed, IP detection, 301 & 302 redirection, HTTP headers, Crawler access, Javascript and CSS. So you need to fix these all things before proceeding further. Here distilled mentioned awesome guideline on technical SEO wins for a web developer.

C) Content

It is truly said, ?content is the king?. For a web developer placement of the content matters a lot for optimum productivity. After developing a website, you must focus on how your content is displayed in search engine results and across social media. So you can check these options

  1. Social metadata: Using social metadata can help to get the best possible click-through rate from the two most popular social media websites. So we need to add metadata for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  1. Rich snippet: Including structured data markup in web content helps Google algorithms better index and understand the content.
  1. Structured data: You can mark up data that you feel are important for users. Like any keywords, thoughts, references etc.

Along with these you also need to check these following points

  • Highlight some of the key points or services
  • Choose best color options
  • Choose the right combination of different color and also anchor text
  • Continuously

Do you have any idea of other for a web developer? Share your comments with us here.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.