Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

Since websites are now considered to be a very good resource for information and shopping, web developers and designers from all over the world have been making changes to their craft in order to keep web visitors engaged.? This is not an easy process since the average attention span is getting shorter.? If a visitor does not find what they want in a few short seconds, they are going to backclick and check out the next website and you are out of luck.? Today, we are going to look at some of the top web design tips for a professional website.

Minimalism Is Good for Your Homepage

If you look at websites that were designed around five years ago, you will notice they all had one thing in common.? That commonality is that the homepages were packed with all sorts of information for the visitor.? However, this isn?t what you want to be doing today. Instead, you want to keep things minimal so that your visitors? eyes are drawn to the most important elements of your site. When too much information is included on one page, visitors become confused and are likely to bounce off your site.? An image, heading, or phrase describing where they are, and a menu bar is usually all you need to include on the homepage.? Depending on the type of website, you may choose to include a ?call to action? as well.

Visual Hierarchy Is Important

Now that screens are getting smaller and attention spans are shorter, it takes just a few seconds of time to grab a visitor and keep them engaged.? Being able to design a website using software developed for web design specifically usually has these factors programmed in already.? Create breadcrumbs for the visitor to follow, but remember to keep the content clean and easy to read.? Keeping each part of your website organized into categories, and then displaying them that way, will give your visitors a path to follow the information they are seeking.

Keep Personal Preference Out of Your Design

Remember that you are designing a website for your visitors, not for you.? Having a master?s degree in software development is a great tool to have when designing a top of the line website, but you should keep in mind that your personal preferences might not be what your visitors want to see.? If the content is good, easy to find, and easy to read, the visitors will be happy.? Sometimes, web design gets to be too complicated with all types of pop-ups, sliders and other gadgets that the visitor gets more annoyed than engaged.? Just because you learned how to code a cool image slideshow while earning your online software development degree, does not mean that you need to use it in your design.? Keep it simple and your visitors will thank you.

Colors and Fonts Need Attention Too

Now that you have all the content on your website, take a minute to make sure the colors and the fonts correlate as well.? There are resources online that you can use to determine which color combinations work best for your visitors? eyes, and even which fonts can be read easily on mobile devices.

In the end, a website that you are designing must conform to the client?s expectations, but the above tips should help you along the way.