There are a few terms used in association with web design on a daily basis. These terms form a basic aspect of web design. Knowing these terms and what they mean would help people familiarise more with the broad field of web design. In the next few limes, some of these terms would be picked and discussed


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is said to be the language of the web. It is a way in which the web designer communicates with your web browser instructing it on how to address a particular content. It contains different tags, which allow the designer to mark up their content. HTML is however not sufficient to create a perfect web page.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows designers to create some set of rules that govern how different elements are displayed on the screen


Meaning Accessible Rich Internet Application, ARIA is concerned with the technology adopted to help bridge the gap between the needs of the user and a website. Therefore, it may be concerned with design methodologies aimed at improving the accessibility and functionality of the content.


Is a type of language through which the designer creates interaction on the web page. JavaScript is very useful because it allows the loading of without the need to reload the full page. One key point to note is that despite its name, JavaScript has no relation to the Java programming language.

Responsive Design

Over the years, responsive design has become a more popular term in web design and it doesn’t seem like it would be dying down anytime soon. Responsive design has become a major demand of clients from web designers most of whom do not know what it means. In simple words, responsive design is concerned with the display of relevant content and elements in an understandable manner regardless of the point of access the user views it from. The point of access could be a computer, tablet or a mobile phone. The concept of responsive design goes way beyond just reformatting contents.


This is an acronym for Information Architecture. It is a semantic arrangement of content on a website. It is concerned with making it easy for the user to find the desired information being sought out.

A/B Testing This is a trial method in which several layouts of web pages are tested to determine which is the most effective. It is used to boot the con