7 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

7 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Web design should not be taken for granted if you want to optimize your website better to crawl up in the search engine rankings. Your business website is one of the crucial marketing tools you can rely on for your success.

You cannot imagine the growth of your business without the support of online marketing. Statistics show that around 90% of customers rely on online business websites before they make a decision about buying something.

Most consumers consider reliability, easy accessibility of a site instead of artistic websites that load and respond slowly to the queries of them. Many of them also have an eye on the reputation of the business website online before making a purchase.

Don?ts of web design

Website design for online business is not a cake walk. You may hire a website designer to design your site or design a website by yourself, but take care that you don?t do the following blunders that hurt your website rankings badly.

  1. Lack of planning

Lack of planning is a serious error that impacts your website rankings. ?The website that starts without serious planning or fails to address the targeted audience will prove to be a white elephant for your business.

You should know your targeted audience and should intend to address their needs, preferably by visual media. You should have an idea about social needs and social media behavior of your customers or your targeted audience.

You can make a study of top 10 or top 5 business websites to plan your website design in a better way and thus, succeed to enhance your website rankings.

  1. Too artistic

Most of the website designers commit the mistake of designing their website in an artistic approach. This may decrease the chance of easy access for the users. Don?t be too clever to design your website. You should address the needs of the users without showing your aesthetic sense to them.

Everyone makes use of the internet to gain knowledge according to their requirement. Customers may not fall to your artistic approach but they rely on the value of the content you provide them on your website.

  1. Less scope for development in near future

If your website does not have the scope for development according to the future needs, your website will move down in the search engine rankings for sure. Regular modifications and updates in the mobile version of your site is an important thing you should focus on to enhance the traffic to your website. Otherwise, your customers will start ignoring your site. For example, if you have updated your website a year ago, the number of unsubscribes will be 5 percent more than expected, according to statistics.

  1. Poor content

Poor content may badly affect your business. If you and your staff do not have good writing skills, you can hire a writer or use content services like Caffeinated to get the work done for you. Poor content or keyword mashup in the content is a serious issue that badly hurts your website?s rankings.

  1. No Terms of Service

If you do not provide any terms of service on your website, legal issues may affect your performance. Generally, the terms of service are included on the last page of the website.

Generally, content on the internet faces threats of malware and hacking. To prevent legal issues related to the content and the individuals or firms that use your content, you must include terms of service on your website.

Indicating the terms of service on your website is helpful to prevent the legal issues a large extent.

  1. Contact details not included

Not including proper contact details on your website may impact your goodwill and SEO rankings. This will be a sign of negligence on your part. Remember to check your emails regularly.

It is also a good idea to maintain a blog to contact your users regularly. Keep in mind to post only relevant content on the website to gain more customers as well as to maintain the existing number of loyal customers.

  1. Poor image quality

Poor image quality is a big no if you really wish to enhance your website rankings. An image can communicate more than a written post of 1000 words. It is better to use your own images than to use stock images.

The stock images are not considered good for SEO and may also cause legal issues sometimes. In fact, your own images can convey the real identity of your website better than the stock images used by someone. However, if you use stock images, you should purchase them to stay away from any legal issues.

To conclude, rapid changes in the technology, increase in competition at massive levels, and loading speed of your website may impact your website rankings. Avoiding common mistakes and quick adaptability to the changes in the market trends is the key to success in the improvement of your business website rankings.

Web Design Mistakes Businesses Still Make in 2018 (and Why You Should Avoid Them)

Web Design Mistakes Businesses Still Make in 2018 (and Why You Should Avoid Them)

The website of a company or a business is much more than a group of pages filled with information about that business and its products. A website acts as the anchor of a business?s online presence. It is also responsible for delivering a good user experience and getting the right key messages across. More importantly, a business website is responsible for converting an audience into customers.

With so many objectives to accomplish, the design of a website is critically important. Everything, from good UX to branding, depends on the way a website is designed. Unfortunately, many businesses still make old-school, common mistakes when designing their websites, even in 2018.


It?s 2018; are we still talking about when to and NOT to use popups? Sadly, the answer to this question is still a big YES. Many businesses use popups to capture the attention of their visitors, even when they know how ineffective ? and annoying ? popups can really be.

Visitors don?t come to your site to see popup advertisements. They are not there to sign up for a newsletter without first getting to know your business. Displaying a popup as soon as visitors open the site is a big mistake many still make in 2018.

You can use popups to strategically highlight important calls to action or information. Popups are even useful for streamlining the user experience in certain parts of the site. That said, you have to be extra careful about when to use a popup and the kind of information you display in the popup window.

Auto-play Videos and Sound

Another mistake that annoys the majority of internet users is the use of auto-play video or audio on a website. It is even worse when the video or audio player isn?t easy to find; some sites even go as far as hiding the video or audio player at the bottom of the page or on the sidebar by design.

Stop forcing your audience to consume your content. Visitors coming to a website with auto-play videos tend to mute or stop the video immediately. Even worse, they are already so annoyed by the auto-play video that they don?t even consider taking the content of that video seriously.

Another thing worth noting about auto-play video and audio is the fact that Google Chrome and other browsers will soon punish sites with this type of content. Even the search engine arm of Google is ranking sites with auto-play videos down as an added punishment.

Small, Grey Text

A couple of years ago, almost all big sites used a shade of grey as the main color for their text. The same sites also used a smaller font size to give the appearance of a modern and clean website. Those same design trends no longer work in 2018, yet many sites stand by them still.

Forget about grey, small text. What you want is content that is pleasant to read, and that means using black font against a white or light background and keeping the font size big enough for everyday users. Anything above 14px is recommended.

It is also recommended to keep lines separated and to pay close attention to the font family you use. Some fonts are designed for maximum readability, while others are more suited to short texts like headlines or menu items.

Enough with the Carousels

Yes, sliders must go. Animated sliders may seem like a good way to display more contents, but they are outdated, look old, and aren?t as effective as you think. According to web design experts from designbypelling.co.uk, sliders and carousels disrupt the flow of user experience more than they add to the UX.

In fact, this UK web design agency reveals that the first slide gets more than 80% of the visitors? attention, while the remaining slides receive no more than 2%. The click percentage of sliders is even lower than that. It is clear that sliders are no longer the way to go.

Visitors prefer simple and straightforward web design where all functions are clear. Instead of using sliders, find ways to deliver the information and key messages you want to get across using simple layout and web elements that are pleasant to use.

A Different Design for Mobile

There are two approaches when it comes to making a website friendly for mobile users. You can either have a dedicated mobile page or use responsive design to accommodate mobile users. Regardless of the approach, you take, creating a consistent user experience is a must.

Many businesses still fail to implement this simple principle. They incorporate a completely different look and feel to their mobile site, creating an uncomfortable experience for the users. Sticking to the branding and design guidelines is all you need to do to avoid having the same problem with your mobile site.

As you can see, most of these common mistakes are petty, but they are annoying and disruptive in the eyes of internet users. Make sure you avoid making the same mistakes to deliver a smooth, streamlined user experience with your business website.