I will wear your company’s T-shirt at Affiliate Summit West 2013

ASW13 Las Vegas

I am auctioning myself to wear your company's shirt for 3 days during the Affiliate Summit West Event January 2013 in Las Vegas! I will wear your t shirt under my suit and to all the parties This will allow your company's brand get exposed and tons of traffic from my blog nickthrolson.com

So Why should you bid on this auction the real answer is why not Nick is one of the most hated and most loved in the affiliate industry. I have been doing affiliate marketing off an on since 2006 I have attended ASW since 2009 and know my way around affiliate marketing. Promoting Acai products and successful with dating offers. Now here is your chance to get your brand noticed at ASW13!

Where will the money go most networks and friends in the industry know that I'm a full time college student and work part time for the college as IT guy and do affiliate marketing/blogging part time. The money mainly will go towards books and the rest I will end up donating! So what are you waiting for? Click Here To Bid

IF you win this auction you will be sending 3 XL t-shirts to me to wear at ASW13