Using Your Blog To Impact The World

Using Your Blog To Impact The World

Why did you create a blog? Was it something you wanted to use as a means to make money? Did you create a blog to give people an insight into your personal life? Is your blog a means to express interest in a particular hobby? Whatever the reason, your blog doesn't only have to stand as a means to provide you with wealth. It can go beyond an insight into your life, or a few tips and tricks on a particular topic. Your blog could stand for something truly meaningful. This could be your platform to make a positive impact in the world around you.

One blog can make a difference. And that blog could be yours!

But where do you start?

It starts with an idea. What is that really stirs up your emotions? When you switch on the news, which stories provoke a strong reaction from you? What topics are impacting your life? There are people who blog about social change, raising awareness about hot topics – how black lives matter, police brutality, transgenderism, the #me too movement, as examples – giving a voice through their experiences, or giving a voice for others, promoting change and disruption. There are people who blog about global issues – world poverty, the environment, and global warming – looking to make a difference to the world through the power of the written word. You can do the same.

Research the issue you are interested in. The more honest your blog is, the more credible it will become. Find out more about the topic that is driving your heart by reading other blogs (check our previous links for a start), watching the news, and picking up news journals. Don't rely on half-truths you may have heard elsewhere, but use genuine sources to gather hard facts about the matter at hand. Of course, you may have direct experience with certain issues, so the truth can also come from you and what you have been subject to first hand.

Create posts that will raise awareness. With the knowledge you have received, focus your writing on stirring up the passions of others. Provide links to news sources and articles based on research and study. Write with conviction and courage and from the heart. You may not be popular in certain quarters with your writing, but if it really is an issue that means something to you, then providing there is truth and you aren't being libelous, go for it, and write with positive intent.

Share your posts. After writing your posts, you need to spread the word about them, using marketing fundamentals to boost your readership. Your social media networks are a start, but also consider the issues you have been writing about. There are bound to be forums online that relate to your blog, so add your voice to the many and provide a link to what you have written. You may also want to connect to charities directly – if your blog could help their work, they may be willing to share what you have written on their websites. And speak to anybody you know who can get behind you, especially if they share your passion for change. Ask them to share the word with people and networks they are involved in.

Provide actionable steps. People have read your posts, but what can they do next? They need actionable steps to help the cause. Therefore, link to any charities that are connected to your posts. Point them in the direction of fundraisers, such as ?Give them ideas on how they can provide support. Create boycott forms or petitions that your readers can sign up to or link to similar online. And encourage people to share their stories, giving their opinion on the issues that matter. They can do this on their blogs or even contribute to yours. It's about paying it forward and ensuring your words make an impact beyond your corner of the internet.

One blog can make a difference. Can yours?