4 Types of Blog Posts You can Write Today

A lot of us are bloggers and we write a lot of blog posts every week, and as a result we?re always in need
of constant ideas on what to write about.

If you?re a blogger the success of your blog will to a great extent depend on the quality of the articles
you are able to write for your blog and other blogs in your niche and that is why you need to spend
more time researching types of blog posts to write.

I used to struggle to find ideas on what to write on my blog where I give tips on nutrisystem and
medifast but ever since focusing on more of these kinds of blog posts it has been extremely easy for me
to write blog posts.

Top 10 Posts

One of the best types of blog post that has been of major influence on my blog is top 10 posts. These
kinds of blog posts are often posts listing the top 10 ways for readers to achieve a particular goal and in
my own experience it seems the number 10 resonates a lot with readers. Almost every kind of this blog
post I have written has gone viral.

Even though top 10 posts work well for me, I have also seen this kind of blog post flop on other blogs.
One thing I noticed as the reason why a top 10 post might not succeed is because it is not unique.
Whenever you write a top 10 post make sure to include as many new tips you have learned into it and
you will be amazed to see how successful it can be.

How to Posts

People love how to posts, and they love them a lot.

How to posts have been instrumental to my success by helping me get more traffic and make more
money on my blog where I talk about nutrisystem and medifast. That doesn?t mean they aren?t effective
in other niches. In fact, I see this kind of blog post used effectively in the tech niche and I think that?s a
smart idea.

Ask the Readers Posts

Sometimes you might just be too busy to write or you might not be in the mood. It is in situations like
this that you need to get creative and let your readers do the work for you.

This strategy will only be very effective if your readers already see you as an expert in your field.

It is important to realize that to use this technique for the best results you shouldn?t just ask any
question you want, instead you should only ask questions relating to your field.


The final type of blog post you can write that requires little to no effort from your part is interviews. All

you need to do is come up with some smart questions and send it to some influential people in your
niche. Try to ask the best questions and publish the interviews on your blog ? whenever your readers
read interviews of these successful people on your blog their opinion of you will increase significantly.

John Smith?s site is WeightLossTriumph, a fitness and diet blog where he publishes all 4 types of blog posts mentioned above. He publishes interviews of people who dropped excess pounds and improved their health by following proven weight loss programs, such as Medifat and Nutrisystem, two clinically studied home delivery diets.