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I currently have 5 websites for sale that end at the beggining of September I Listed all my sites for free using FlipMySites.com Why didn't I use flippa? I wanted to try something new see how it works & hey you cant beat free right it's worth a shot. Please contact me if your interested in any of my websites.

FlipMySites Profile 😕http://www.flipmysites.com/author/nickthrolson/

Sites For Sale: IsabellaCullen.com, CarShowGuys.com, TwilightCommunity.com, TeaBlog.org, MichaelJacksonsBlog.com

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Twilight Community

Twilight Community The First Social Network For Twilight Fans

Twilight Community

So your asking yourself why should I join Twilight Community? At Twilight Community we provide you with up to date info on the rapidly growing twilight saga. Twilight Community Also offers its members a subscription system so your profile gets noticed & no ads for life unlimited messages and upload space for their members.

So what are you waiting for sign up fortwilight community today!

on a personal note this website has been very fun to make & has been making me set longterm goals for this community I see alot of changes to come to this site as the new movies come out & twilight fan base contunues to grow.