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Tracking202 Inc, a PPC Affiliate Marketing Analytics company based in San Francisco, CA, developed the powerful framework that powers Clickbooth's XTracks. The Clickbooth technology team expressed gratitude for the back-end development of Tracking202. ?Prior to public beta-release testing, we spent many weeks integrating XTracks into Clickbooth's user-interface to maximize ease of use for our affiliate partners. We appreciate the back-end software development support from Tracking202, which powers our program.? explains Steven Bredenberg, a Clickbooth Sr. Developer.

XTracks is hosted by Clickbooth and is provided free for Clickbooth Affiliates, just simple login to get started. From there, you can begin tracking valuable marketing data immediately.

Tracking202 has been leading tracking in the affiliate industry & continues to strive this is a big jump for Clickbooth I really love that these company's teamed up & made this happen for all there affiliates.


Revolution 202 Sign up Today!

This week I noticed some pretty nice updates by the 202 team. They have been working on Revolution202. From what I have seen it has been great success if you have a 202 account already just use that login witch I love hate signing up for new stuff all the time 202 has made it easy & universal on us affiliates. If your an Affiliate Marketer Tracking202 Pro is a great smart way to test what key words are paying off & much more. I think 202 will be leader in Affiliate Marketing they have come a long way & our light years Ahead of a lot of networks so be sure to Sign Up

Things Affiliate Marketers Are Doing Wrong

Affiliate Marketers Your Doing it Wrong!As you all know Affiliate Marketing is never easy.Recently many new affiliate Marketers have arrived on the scene.They come into believing that setting up a landing page along side with a few thousand dollars will make them successful. The chances of that happening is very slim. Many affiliate Marketers inquire about how to get traffic to their sites & how to get better conversions. The answer is “Stat's Via Tracking 202.”

The main problem is that they don't know the keywords and what to expect in the way of profits. Tracking 202 provides all of the answers when it comes to stat's. Those who do PPC without Tracking 202 are at a disadvantage because the advertiser can see all the key words the affiliate marketer is bidding on and basic-ley won't need the affiliate marketer. As a result, the advertiser will pull the offer from the network being utilised.

Another key problem is that new affiliate marketers believe they can set up a site and become momentarily successful ( “I thought so, too!”)it is important to use money from the ads on your website to invest that money back into your site's for example hosting costs. Also new affiliate marketers give up too quickly. It is a long hard process & patience is required. Working in the online business is tough & takes quite a bit of discipline. Actually, it is not for everyone however, it does pay off in the long run. The word “perseverance” comes to mind.

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