Tatto Media Updates

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Tatto Media has come a long way from being? a private network but now is one of the fastest growing networks available to affiliates. ?I have been part of the network and was surprised to see how well the affiliate managers treated me. I really like the new layout makes it easy to get offers up and running. Also an updated suppression lists to better support email marketers.Also Tatto Media is the first to design system that can focus offers on the IPhone and mobile devices. Just one more thing to make? easy on us affiliate marketers.

Tatto Media is a behavioral ad network based in Boston. The company was founded in 2005 by Lin Miao and twins Lee and Lucas Brown. ?Since they are all under 25, they bring much needed young blood to this industry. ?This fuels their innovation and drive to continue to expand and help affiliates maximize their income. ?It is no surprise to me that Tatto Media was Named by Business Week as one of the top 25th entrepreneurial business of 2007.

New Design for Reporting and Statistics – Reports and Statistics is even faster and more efficient than before. Data view pages can easily be searched and sorted accurately even with multiple pages of data.

Conversion Tracking Report ? This report provides specific lead/sale information, including sub id, tracking info, transaction id, ip address, and payout, allowing you to quickly run sub id reports. While ?info? in current tracking links will continue to work, it has been replaced with ?aff_sub?.

Updated Tracking Links – Updated tracking links that are easy to understand. Sub ID tracking has been updated as well as Source name added. Specify a Source name in the tracking url to easily drill-down and analyze performance in reports.

Offer Tiny URLs ?You can shorten your tracking links with our own TinyURL.

Browser Targeting ? The Tatto Affiliate Network now can target offers to users based on their browser. ?This will redirect users to receive offers designed for mobile devices including iPhones and thus increase your conversion rates.

Creative Manager ? A valuable feature that quickly generates tracking code with creatives, making it simple for you to include the creative you prefer with the offer-specific tracking url. Also new features to browse and preview creatives.

Suppression List ? Updated suppression lists to better support email marketers.

Refer a Friend ? Enhanced Refer a Friend feature to reward you for introducing friends into our network.

Improved Stats API ? Updated functions and documentation to make working with our stats API even easier.

Live Support that AIMs affiliate?s Manager

More offer Categories for navigational ease

Support tab w/ help and glossary.

Tatto Media has come a long way & continue to prosper this is one network you must join!