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Sterkly Affiliate Network

Standing for ?strong, smart, marketing,? sterkly?s innovative services offer increased promotional advantages for its partners. Focusing on user acquisition, sterkly?s performance-based affiliate and bundling options maximize quality and revenue for advertisers and publishers.

As an affiliate and software bundling network, sterkly:

-????????? owns popular, high-converting offers in the download vertical, ensuring the highest possible payouts

-????????? offers its exclusive offers on both its affiliate and software bundling network, allowing affiliates to promote the offers on a pay-per-install basis and advertisers to scale rapidly

-????????? has unique abilities to distribute software and generates over 3 million installs a month for its clients

-????????? launches new, in-house developed products periodically

-????????? tests all offers in house to assure high conversion rates

-????????? has average take rates of 50 to70 percent on its bundling platform

There are so many insurance, education, payday and finance offers that it?s hard to stand out.? The benefit of download offers (pay-per-install) is that they convert very well, also for incent traffic. Therefore, sterkly now offers its exclusive applications PageRage, Drop Down Deals and Best Video Downloader on an incent basis and allows publishers to run these offers directly at the highest payout.

Founded in 2007 and now capable of distributing millions of installs a month for its clients, sterkly recently opened up both its software bundling and affiliate network for direct affiliates and advertisers, allowing publishers to run sterkly?s exclusive offers directly at higher payouts.

sterkly?s Affiliate Network

For affiliates: although sterkly owns a wide array of exclusive offers in the download vertical, such as ezLooker and FreeTwitTube, sterkly has offers in many verticals and geo?s. sterkly offers?timely publisher payments?and quick response times. With sterkly you?ll have access to an industry-leading tracking platform (CAKE), competitive payouts?and unparalleled account management.

For Advertisers: Advertisers can gain access to carefully selected, qualified affiliates?who will promote offers at no cost until a conversion occurs.?Advertisers will not pay for anything unless a desired action is received. All accounts are monitored in real time by our?compliance team?to ensure high-quality conversions and traffic.

sterkly?s Bundling Network

sterkly?s bundling network is entirely dedicated to our strongest area of expertise:?downloadable software. sterkly has a strong track record in software bundling and the pay-per-install space. The benefits of software bundling are the high conversion rates, the ability to scale fast and the diversity of bundling options. A wide range of downloadable products and applications can be bundled including software, toolbars and browser plugins.?sterkly?s bundling platform developed a built-in technology that auto-optimizes offers to assure the highest conversion rates and earnings.

For publishers: if you?re a publisher who owns an application and is either looking for a way to monetize your product or for more downloads for your product, then the sterkly bundling network is the right place to do this. While most bundling opportunities across the web are either through auction-based systems that require large volume commitments or one-off arrangements, sterkly accepts bundling publishers of?all sizes and experience levels as long as the application is a good fit with our network.

For Advertisers: If you?re an advertiser and own a downloadable application or service, then sterkly can open up your product to a mass of high-quality users at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. sterkly?s expertise lies in working with?both new and seasoned advertisers?to promote their products within the install path of sterkly?s bundling publishers and popular products. For even faster distribution, advertisers can run their offers on both the Affiliate and Bundling Network.

For more information or to learn how to join sterkly?s affiliate network, visit, or?contact sterkly directly at or (855) 783-7559.