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WP Robot is a new word press plug-in that provides you with several ways to automatically post articles and even amazon products on a daily basis or even hourly basis. I mean common cant get any easier then that, This is a must have for all of my readers.

WP Robot is a premium auto posting plugin for WordPress weblogs allowing users to add unique and fresh content to their web blogs easily.

1.?Amazon Module

This module helps to create posts about Amazon products based on the keyword you will specify in it?s options mode.It also adds all reviews found on the amazon product page to the post as comments. This will help you to make good amount of money by referring products of amazon. ? $35

2.?Article Module

This is one of the very important module of all. It allows you to post

your blog
automatically based on your keywords you specify. The
are taken from ArticlesBase.com and it is linked to the author URL thus you don?t have to worry about the Copyright law. –

3.?eBay Module

Similar to Amazon Module, this module adds recent or popular ebay
based on the keywords you specify to it. You can add a maximum of 6 ebay
in a post. So simply this module will help you make money with ebay
affiliate program. ?

4.?Clickbank Module

Clickbank Module is my 2nd favorite module from all the modules. This simply posts the feed ads from clickbank.com to
your blog
. You just have to specify your clickbank affiliate ID and the keyword on which you want the ads to be published on
your blog
– Free*

5.?Yahoo Answers Module

As you know many people search for the information about their questions or problems on search engines and many of those questions are also asked at Yahoo! Answers which is a very popular site. So this module posts questions as well as their answers from Yahoo! Answers to your
blog. Thus it will help you to create a good amount of traffic for

your blog
if it ranks good on the search engines. –

6.?Youtube Module

This module easily posts Videos from popular video sharing site; Youtube, to
your blog
based on the keyword you specify. Thus it will also help you to bring a good amount of traffic from search engines as nowadays people have a huge craze of watching different kind of videos. ?

7.?Translation Module

This is the last module of this plugin. This actually translates any content created by other modules except eBay module. The translation module uses the translation services from Google and Yahoo to translate posts automatically. ? $15

WP Robot

This whole plugin comes in 4 Edition:

The Full package costing only $110(you save $30)
MONEY MAKER EDITION which includes amazon,ebay and Clickbank module to help you make money with
your blog
It costs just $55(you save $10)
Content Edition includes Article, Yahoo Answers, Youtube and Clickbank modules for your content needs. It will cost only $60(you save $15)
The last is Custom Edition i.e you can select on your own which module you need and pay for only them.

WP Robot requirements:
– WordPress 2.7+
– PHP 5
– cURL

Automatic Blogging is really a powerful tool of many successful
affiliate marketers
. You can be one of them.
So choose Wp-Robot for best
Automated Blogging Experience.