Webmaster Updates

updates Hey everyone there are couple things I have been working on currently I'm getting my blog theme pimped out by www.balkhis.com
new theme should be done in a week or so also I'm working on 2 websites I have owned for awhile I was having problems with my social network www.yourcribsite.com was using phpfox 1.6.20 so i downgraded to an older version seems to be working fine now just gotta get everything back up to normal. The second website is www.freewebsdirectory.com its currently using index script I honestly dislike the script I'm gonna make a test site see if I could make the database work using PHPLD seems like everyone is using phpld & there are lots of mods ect!

PS: To keep everyone updated from July 14th to the 29th I will be back east visiting family also gonna be in Boston Mass for couple day's. I will be twittering also will post couple draft posts I have while I'm gone