WP Robot 1.2

New Features in WP Robot 1.2


WP Robot is a new word press plug-in that provides you with several ways to automatically post articles and even amazon products on a daily basis or even hourly basis. I mean common cant get any easier then that, This is a must have for all of my readers.

WP Robot is a premium auto posting plugin for WordPress weblogs allowing users to add unique and fresh content to their web blogs easily.

Below you can find an overview of the most important new features that have been added to WP Robot with the latest big update.
RSS eBay Auctions

WP Robot 1.2 allows you to create posts containing eBay auction RSS feeds. What that means is: Instead of displaying one set of auctions that expires after a few days your blog posts will now always show the most recent auctions from eBay on the keywords you choose. The result is simple: More money for you. Since your visitors will always find live auctions when visiting your site they are more likely to buy something and thus your CTR and earnings with the eBay affiliate program will increase!
MIX Feature

As the name suggests the new MIX feature allows you to mix content from different modules with each other. By utilizing that you can for example add related thumbnails from Flickr to the article posts WP Robot creates automatically. Or you can include a related eBay auction below each Yahoo Answers post in order to monetize your blog even better. The possibilities are huge. Currently this feature is offered by the eBay and Flickr modules.
Bulk Add Keywords

The new Bulk Add Keywords page is meant to speed up the time you need to set up a new automatic weblog with WP Robot. It lets you quickly add a large number of keywords and can also assign random posting intervals to them if you want.
More Foreign Language Options

Nearly all modules of WP Robot do now have an option to post content in a wide range of foreign languages to your blog, usually including all the most popular ones like Spanish, German and French. This makes it incredibly easy for you to enter new markets with your websites, without the need to speak one word in another language.

Modules that have this feature are the Amazon module, Article module, eBay module, Yahoo Answers module and the Youtube module.
New Flickr Image Module

The newly released Flickr Image Module allows you to post images related to any topic from the well known Flickr.com website to your weblog. Thus you can now also create popular image blogs with WP Robot, and that's not all: You can also use the Flickr Module to add good looking and related thumbnails to the other posts WP Robot creates. Learn more about the Flickr Module here.
Better Targetting

With WP Robot 1.2 the targetting of several modules has been drastically improved, which means you will now get less unrelated posts for the keywords you choose in WP Robot.

WP Robot requirements:
– WordPress 2.7+
– PHP 5
– cURL

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